Michael Bublé shares his beautiful wishes for his daughter’s future

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Like most parents, Michael Bublé wants the world to be a great place for his little girl to grow up in. 

For a time, it seemed as though Michael Bublé was a Christmas hit-making powerhouse. From sell-out tours to number one albums, Bublé’s jazz-infused songs were proving to be the backbone of his stellar career – but now his priorities have changed.

In November 2016, Bublé and his wife, actress and model Luisana Lopilato, shared the heartbreaking announcement that their eldest son Noah had cancer. Then in February 2017, the pair revealed on Facebook that he was undergoing chemotherapy.

Now, in recovery, Bublé has also welcomed in recent months a daughter, Vida Amber – becoming a father for the third time.

Here, he’s shares his greatest hopes and wishes for his daughter’s future. 

1) On climate change

“I hope the world still exists,” says Bublé. “I hope that people can stop talking about our environment and start doing something about it.”

2) On politics

“I hope that the extremism, the polarisation we’ve seen [of late] – the same thing we’ve seen for over thousands of years – I really would love to see the middle have the power instead of the fringes of the far right, and the far left truly ruining things for everyone,” explains Bublé.

“The extremism on both sides is absolutely ridiculous.”

3) On love

“There’s nothing I can hope for her. All I can do is give,” says Bublé.

“All I can do is show her with my actions what love is and be unconditional about it. And show her through my own actions how to be as a human being: how to love, how to speak and how to treat people with kindness and respect, how to never take away someone’s dignity, and how to try to love yourself and respect yourself.”

4) On education

“I love any opportunity to live, to breathe, to see, to hear, to sense the world through the wonderment of a child,” says Bublé. “There’s something wonderful about that complete lack of cynicism, that pure joy and wide eyed happiness and bliss that comes from living life in the moment, we can all learn a lot by letting ourselves go and trying to be in that place. It’s a beautiful place to be.”

5) On popular culture 

“God, I’m going to have to watch Frozen, aren’t I? It’s a nice film; it’s not my favourite of all. I’m going to have to learn ‘let it go’, aren’t I? What did I just watch and cry my ass off? Ratatouille. It was great.”

Michael Buble’s album Love is released on 16 November.

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