I May Destroy You fans: here are the TV shows and films you can watch Michaela Coel in

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Michaela Coel in I May Destroy You.

From Chewing Gum to Black Mirror here’s some more of Michaela Coel’s best on-screen moments. 

I May Destroy You is, without question, one of the best things you’ll watch on TV this year. The series which was written, co-directed by and stars Michaela Coel has made huge waves both in the UK and the USA for it’s nuanced and searing look at consent and modern dating.

The show is on screen twice a week on Monday and Tuesday nights at 10.45pm – Coel specifically requested it didn’t all drop at once. But if that’s not enough and you want more Michaela Coel in your life – and we don’t blame you – there’s plenty more. As well as being a writer-actor-director Coel’s talents extend from contemporary comedies to a political thriller to a musical love story. Here’s the best of her other roles. 

Michaela Coel and John Goodman in Black Earth Rising
John Goodman and Michaela Coel in Black Earth Rising

Black Earth Rising (2018)

This political thriller sees Coel takes the lead as Kate Ashby a legal investigator, who was saved from the Rwandan genocide and adopted by human rights lawyer Eve Ashby (Harriet Walter). When Eve takes on a case to prosecute a controversial military leader, it puts their relationship to the test.

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MIchaela Coel and Arinzé Kene in Been Too Long, Netflix
MIchaela Coel and Arinzé Kene in Been Too Long

Been So Long (2018)

Set in Camden, this film is a contemporary love story and musical. Coel plays Simone, a single mum who’s staying away from love. But one night she’s dragged out for the night where she meets Raymond (Arinzé Kene) who’s just got out of prison and trying to rebuild his life. The pair fall for each other but, as is life, it’s not straightforward. Musical numbers abound as does the chemistry and passion.

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Michaela Coel in Black Mirror episode USS Callister
Michaela Coel in USS Callister

Black Mirror (2017)

Considered one of the greatest Black Mirror episodes, USS Callister (series four, episode one) centres on Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons). He’s a gifted but bitter game designer by day and the commander of a Star Trek-esque starship featuring simulations of his colleagues by night. Coel plays employee Shania Lowry, who warns a fellow colleague to be careful of Daly. This isn’t the first episode of Black Mirror Coel has starred in – she also appeared in Nosedive (series three, episode one), about a woman desperate to improve her social media ranking.

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Jim Howick, Michaela Coel and Michael Socha in The Aliens

The Aliens (2016)

Created by the makers of  Misfits this comedy is set 40 years after the aliens have landed in the UK. Though they look like humans they’re forced to live in a ghetto called Troy which is separated from the ‘human side’ by a massive wall. Coel plays alien Lilyhot, who throws the life of Lewis, a border guard, into turmoil when she reveals that he’s actually half-alien.

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Michaela Coel in Chewing Gum
Michaela Coel in Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum (2015)

The show that marked Coel out as a unique, powerful and wildly funny talent. This boundary pushing and Bafta winning comedy written by and starring Coel is about 24-year-old Tracey who’s desperate to lose her virginity and embarks on a journey of sexual awakening and to discover who she really is.

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Best Autumn TV: Top Boy
Kane Robinson in Top Boy

 Top Boy (2013)

Coel played Kayla, a woman who has witnessed a murder, in series two of the hard-hitting drama. Weruche Opia, who plays Terry, Arabella’s best friend in I May Destroy You, also appeared in the same series of Top Boy, and the pair met once on set although they  didn’t appear on screen together.

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