Microfiction competition - Fri 5 Nov

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We love this gorgeous terrier sitting alone outside a Parisian-looking cafe. Let our four-legged friend be your starting point in your entry for today's microfiction competition


The winner of our third daily microfiction competition is Sian Bevan, whose sweet tale of a dog anticipating his owner's heartbreak at the end of a relationship in Waiting For The End Of Love is published below. Congratulations Sian.

Waiting For The End Of Love

As soon as he walked in, I knew her heart would be skipping to the stars on that clouded, shrouded night. He was everything she’d sing about over the morning chores: towering tall with a jaw built for truth, love and ravishing sex. She smiled, as practised, when he strode past. Soon he was getting her coffee topped up and feeding her delicate treats I was sure she’d worry about tomorrow. An outstretched hand swept her off into the night, leaving me behind with my lead still wrapped round the chair leg. A loyal friend panting the hours away.

We would also like to give a mention to Samantha Walsh for her story La Chien?, which tells the story of a French Revolution soldier finding himself reincarnated as the dog at the cafe table. Genius!

La Chien?

We are marching, storming. We are seizing our rights, our liberties. My feet are wet and my back aches but my heart is singing. “Vive la Revolution! Vive la Nation!” It is 1789 and we, the French, are taking back our country. The clouds thicken, the sky darkens and tension mounts. The crowd is excited, carried forth by what might be. Someone to my left screams out, electrifying the atmosphere. I look down and I’m wearing fur? I try to speak but bark instead. I’m in a café, scratching my ear with my foot. I guess it didn’t end well?

A huge thank you to everyone who entered - we thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories. Scroll down the page to see details of our next microfiction competition.