Microfiction competition - Mon 8 Nov

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Stylist Team

A woman sits alone in a deserted ballroom, papers scattered at her feet. Where has she come from and where is she going? Let your imagination run wild in today's microfiction competition


The winner of our penultimate daily microfiction competition is Jill Prewitt, whose story Labour Of Love is published below. The Stylist editorial team loved the creepy, obsessional tone and the poignant last line. Congratulations Jill.

Labour Of Love

The plaster cost two hundred; only the best for her. She took me eighteen months to finish. The mannequin mould was the easy part, set in three weeks. But attaching her hair, finding her clothes, sewing them on, painting her face, nails, mouth – it takes time if you want it right. If you want it real. And all I had to work from were pictures in the paper. Tonight, under the lights, my beautiful girl sat upright, waiting for me. A perfect likeness, frozen in time. Kneeling, I put the ring on her lifeless finger and cried."

A huge thank you to everyone who entered - we thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories. Scroll down the page to see details of our next microfiction competition.