Microfiction competition - Thurs 4 Nov

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Stylist Team

There's so much detail in this picture, we see something different each time we look. Whether it's the deer investigating an abandoned monitor, the leaf-strewn desk or the creepy forest, we're sure it will generate some gripping story ideas


The winner of our second daily microfiction competition is Matthew Richardson, whose story House Number 1284 is published below. The Stylist editorial team loved Matthew's dystopian imagery and the final part of the story sent a collective shiver down our spines. Congratulations Matthew.

House Number 1284

He squeezed down the overgrown path to the door, and called out, just loud enough for anything inside to hear him. Only silence came. He walked down the short hallway on rich paisley carpet, mottled with damp patches and leaves, glancing into tired looking rooms with peeling wallpaper and sun-bleached photographs. In the kitchen he found enough to stave off his hunger. With a tin of peaches he perched on the sofa. He ate slowly, ignoring the leathery corpse of the old woman in the armchair. He couldn’t sleep here, that was certain, but he could rest until daylight returned."

A huge thank you to everyone who entered - we thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories. Scroll down the page to see details of our next microfiction competition.