Microfiction competition - Tues 9 Nov

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Stylist Team

A child plays alone on a beach in this wistful black and white shot. For us it conjures up memories of childhood holidays and dreamy summer days. Let it inspire you for today's microfiction competition


The winner of our final daily microfiction competition is Matt Caruso, whose story Time In Rewind is published below. Matt's original story about a woman experiencing her life flash before her immediately caught our attention. Congratulations Matt.

Time in Rewind

Two seconds ago; the dull pain in the back of her skull and the force that sent her tumbling forward. Fourteen seconds ago; the hurried cadence of the footsteps on the wet pavement behind her. Two years ago; her trembling fingers interlocked amid the sweaty hand of her groom. Sixteen years ago; a first kiss, sloppy and awkward, behind the school, after prom. Twenty-eight years ago; the gentle roar of the ocean and the feel of the sand in her fingers. Her first memory; counted backwards from her last. Then, her mind’s montage complete, darkness arrives.