Microfiction competition - Wed 3 Nov

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We love this shot of a woman standing at the end of a jetty, gazingacross the moonlit water. What is she thinking about? How is she feeling? Let it spark ideas your ideas for today's microfiction competition


The winner of our first daily microfiction competition is Gemma [surname withheld], whose story You're Invited is published below. The Stylist editorial team loved her cynical take on the wedding party the narrator has slipped away from, and laughed out loud at the final line. Congratulations Gemma.

You're Invited

New York, New York had done it. Sweaty armpits, misjudged high kicks and surging drunken bodies had been the last straw. It was the ninth this year (twelfth if you counted the evening onlys). They were all starting to merge into one - the conveyor belt of taffeta, melon followed by chicken and beige buffets. "Damn," she thought, "I should have brought a sausage roll out with me."

A huge thank you to everyone who entered - we thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories. Scroll down the page to see details of our next microfiction competition.