Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher reveal baby boy's Anastasia-inspired name

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have confirmed their baby son’s name via the latter’s website.

The statement read: “Today, A Plus is happy to announce that Dimitri Portwood Kutcher was born at 1:21 a.m. on November 30, weighing 8 pounds and 15 ounces.”

And, yes, that is the name of Princess Anastasia’s love interest (played by John Cusack) in the 1997 animated movie Anastasia.

This means that the couple’s daughter, Wyatt Isabelle (who was born in October 2014) is now a big sister – and, according to Kutcher, the couple have been preparing her for the job ever since Kunis fell pregnant.

Speaking on the Today show, he said: “She [Wyatt] points to Mila and she's like, 'baby brother' when she points to the belly and then she points to dad and she goes, 'Beer!'

“So I think she gets there's something in the belly but I don't quite think that she knows that it's not going to be a plastic doll yet.”

He added that, despite already having one child, he's still nervous about raising a newborn for the second time. “I'm a little terrified to be honest,” he admitted. “It's intensely scary.”

Kutcher also let slip that Dimitri wasn’t his first choice for a baby boy name – but added that Kunis had vetoed a few of his more unusual (read: insane) options.

“A kid named Hawkeye,” he said on the Conan show. “And it’s like M*A*S*H… he could be a doctor.”

He added: “It didn’t get across the Mila threshold.”          

During the promo tour for her most recent film, Bad Moms, Kunis had some advice for dads everywhere – and it was to, quite simply, stop putting so much pressure on mums.

She told Esquire: “Dads – and people in general – should keep in mind that we as mothers put enough pressure on ourselves. We don't need outside pressure put on us. It'd be nice to just hear, ‘You did a great job.’”

Kunis added: “I don't say this from personal experience because I have an amazing husband who is an amazing father. I say this knowing he does it all the time. He's always great about saying, ‘You were amazing today.’

“He does it without me having to ask for it and there's something so beautiful about not fishing for that compliment from your partner that gives you that much more of stability and confidence.”

However Kutcher isn’t perfect, as she added that he “doesn't even know there is laundry. It just magically gets done.”


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