Millie Bobby Brown just made this Stranger Things fan's dreams come true

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Megan Murray
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Millie Bobby Brown has proved her credentials as the coolest kid in town yet again, after reaching out to a fan whose Stranger Things party didn’t quite go to plan.

Most of us that work up the nerve (and energy levels) to throw a party, share that niggling fear that maybe, just maybe, nobody will show up.

So we can pretty much all sympathise with the Stranger Things fan who took the time to decorate his house in the style of the Netflix show, and bake a badass Christmas-tree-lights-decorated cake for his fellow class mates, only for none of them to show.

Ayen Alamblat took to Twitter to post pictures of her little brother Aaron’s Stranger Things party, with a caption reading: “My brother invited eight of his classmates for his Stranger Things themed bday party and none of their punk selves showed up.”

The four pictures show an expertly made birthday cake, with an array of Christmas lights and the Stranger Things logo iced on top. As well as a big ol’ jug of Demogorgon blood, a table packed full of buffet food and a suitably morbid happy birthday sign, lined with Christmas lights along the walls.

Oh, and of course Aaron, all ready to party in his themed t-shirt. 

The pictures immediately struck a chord with other fans, or those who have been stood up on the party front themselves, and were retweeted thousands of times, quickly going viral. Eventually they caught the attention of Bobby Brown who plays the character Eleven in the series. 

After hearing the plight of this devoted fan, Bobby Brown replied to the tweet, writing: “What!!!! Oh well you can let them all know that everyone on behalf on Stranger Things would’ve come! I think you’re awesome and next year I would like an invite… Please?”

Fellow cast member Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, also jumped in with his RSVP, promising to bring some sweet treats along. Matarazzo tweeted: “Count me in too! I’ll bring the chocolate pudding.”

Twitter users quickly echoed the sentiments of the cast and praised Bobby Brown for her lovely response.

We’ve already got some serious respect for Bobby Brown’s talented acting skills and resilient ambition, and now it looks like she’s the ultimate party guest too. 

Images: Getty / Twitter