Mindy Kaling’s hilarious post on the reality of New Year’s Eve is all of us

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Anna Brech
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Mindy Kaling

Comedian Mindy Kaling has shared a brilliantly on-point post that exactly sums up how we feel about the biggest night of the year.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that New Year’s Eve is almost always a letdown. We all know this. We all agree.

And yet, every year we fall into that trap of thinking we should do something spectacular. 

Everyone else, we imagine, is out there in a blaze of fireworks and sequins (what they’re doing isn’t quite clear: but whatever it is, it’s bound to be fabulous) – and we ought to be doing the same. 

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“Let’s admit it – New Year’s Eve is the worst night of the year”

To make matters worse, New Year’s Eve comes right on the back of Christmas, meaning we’re a.) broke, b.) exhausted and c.) bloated from eating our body weight in cheese. 

The pressure to be all sociable and sparkling couldn’t come at a more inopportune time. 

It’s exactly this pressure that comedian Mindy Kaling sums up beautifully in a post on Instagram this week. 

Sharing her vision of New Year’s Eve “in my mind versus reality”, Kaling contrasts a picture of herself dressed to the nines in a shimmering ball gown versus reality: in her PJs on the sofa, watching Rick & Morty.

If a photo speaks a thousand words, this on-point montage is relatable to all of us who will end up having a date with the settee tonight (flying in the face of that nagging instinct that says we should be doing something). 

The FOMO is alive and kicking, and so too is the background worry that we could be knocking back gin gimlets in a secret bar somewhere. And yet – those cushions look far too inviting…

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“Enough with the New Year's Eve negativity: it's the perfect excuse for bad behaviour”

Kaling’s snippet of NYE relatability struck a chord with like-minded souls on Instagram, including several other famous names.

“Lol. Welcome to real life!” wrote film director Nancy Meyers, while fellow filmmaker Ava DuVernay chimed in with “EXACTLY”. 

Kaling is a major fan of Rick & Morty, describing the sitcom series as “truly wonderful” on Twitter. “I completely identify with Rick Sanchez, down to the little green bile on my chin, I am a monster,” she said. 

Kaling was recently signed to produce a show for the new streaming platform HBO Max. 

The 13-part series, College Girls, will follow the trials and tribulations of three first-year roommates as they grapple with college life in Vermont.

So you could say watching comedy shows is part and parcel of what she does – it’s practically homework. 

And if we had to choose between that and a messy night out on New Year’s Eve, we know which one we’d go for. Staying in is the new going out, after all.

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