Most embarrassing family snaps

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Based on the bizarre-yet-hilarious hit website Awkward Family Photos, comes the book of the same name. We're still struggling to decide which is the most cringeworthy, but the topless Christmas tree dad is a strong contender for the title...

Awkward Family Photos, RRP £12.99

  • Stacking denim

    Never mind the weird choice of pose, who thought the Texas tuxedos were a good idea?

  • The Incredibles

    Oh, so THAT'S where Disney got their idea from

  • Blonde vs ginger

    Dad was very proud of his diverse family

  • Punked

    Way to go, mum. Our parents would never have let us shave our heads while we were still at hand-holding age!

  • Useful t-shirts

    On their wackier days, the Jones family liked to swap t-shirts to confuse people

  • Aloha

    Believe it or not, the raspberry ripple theme was actually dad's idea

  • A little accident

    "Let's just not mention it", said mum, hoping for the best

  • Crying times

    It's true, grandma and grandad were a proper riot

  • The odd one out

    All together now, "Oh, daaaaaaaaad!"

  • Puppy Love

    After this photo was developed, the details of dad's sordid affair with Bruiser came spilling out