Nadiya Hussain’s four step bedtime routine sounds incredibly relaxing

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Nadiya Hussain tells Stylist how her night time routine helps her wind down and seize the next day. 

Whether it’s turning off blue light, making a tea or reading a book, winding down before bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. Arelaxing step-by-step process is even recommended by the experts: “Just as a child needs a routine to promote a good nights’ sleep, so do we. We might not require a bed time story, but we need to relax and unwind,” says The Sleep Council. 

Nadiya Hussain knows this all too well. Speaking exclusively to Stylist, she said that her nightly self-care regime is all about winding down to feel good for the next day: “It’s about stopping whatever it is I’m doing. Often when I come up to bed I still smell of cake or curry or some sort of foodstuff, so it’s about getting rid of all of that and saying ‘right it’s time to sleep’.”

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Speaking at the Swarvoski #FollowTheLight campaign launch, she told Stylist that she doesn’t find it easy to switch off from her hectic schedule, and sometimes the routine falls to the waste side: “I have to really force myself. By the time I get home tonight it will be way past 10 o’clock and I will take my make up off but then I’ll scramble into bed.”

But for Nadiya, who has been open about her struggle with panic disorder, neglecting her routine will “catch up and catch up” with her and can affect her mental health. This is a struggle she’s facing at the moment during Ramadan as after getting up for a pre-sunrise breakfast, she can struggle to get back to sleep. Last night, she managed two hours of shut eye.

“I couldn’t get back to sleep and then I did the worst thing, I read emails. Which I never ever do!” she says. 

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In fact, putting devices away is step number one on Nadiya’s night time routine: “I put my phone away and that’s it, I’m done,” she says. Next, she retires to the bathroom.

“I always have a bath at night. I like to switch the lights off, put candles on, read a book in the bath. I don’t even do the washing hair thing, I just soak.”

We’re on the same page that there’s nothing better than tucking up in your sheets feeling and smelling fresh. But there’s actually one other thing that’s even more essential to Nadiya: her dental hygiene.

“I can’t go to bed if I don’t floss,” she says. “I’m on those TePe things and I’ve trained myself to go on to the next size, which hurts!”

The last thing she’ll do before bed is pray.

We’ve got to say, we’re a big fan of her clean and relaxing routine… now we just need to work on sticking to it, just like her. 


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