TV presenter unveils double standards by wearing the same blouse to work every day

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Deborah Cicurel
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If you’re an eagle-eyed viewer of Loose Women, you may have noticed presenter Nadia Sawalha wearing the same snake-print blouse and black choker for days on end. 

While we’re all for repeat-wearing the same outfit and streamlining our lives as much as possible, viewers took to social media to question Sawalha on her decision – and she finally revealed the real reason why she’s adopted a work uniform. 

On yesterday’s show, Sawalha said: “Judge Rinder was telling me he’s worn exactly the same outfit for every interview and nobody’s noticed, and I said that wouldn’t happen here [on Loose Women].

“We always have people notice, or we say something, so I thought: ‘Let’s just see, do a little experiment.’

“Some people have been really angry about it, and so many of my lovely squad on Twitter have been getting into arguments over me. I’ve been heralded as a sustainability goddess.”

However, far from longing for the experiment to be over, the presenter said she’d grown to love the ease of wearing the same blouse every day – and proved it by wearing the top for yet another show. 

Sawalha said she decided to explain her repetitive wardrobe after fans began asking questions on Twitter.

“Some of them really got cross and all the guessing has been hilarious: someone DMd me on Friday and asked if I was expecting,” she said.

“We were going to do longer but people were getting upset as we always reveal the inner workings of everything.

“I have loved it, it’s like being back to school uniform day. It’s comfy. I’m going to be sad to see it go.”

Despite Sawalha insisting that there was “nothing worthy to the cause”, we can definitely get on-board with adopting a school uniform for work.

We’ve even tried the uniform approach in the Stylist office – and, true to form, no one noticed our very own writers wearing the same outfits for a whole month.

Maybe we don’t need all those Topshop splurges after all?


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