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Netflix’s The Devil All The Time is trending, and people have a lot to say about it

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Netflix’s star-studded adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s award-winning book is guaranteed to be an unsettling watch, if this creepy trailer is anything to go by…

Updated on 21 September: Netflix’s The Devil All The Time is the sort of film that gets people talking for hours on end, for better or for worse.

Based on the same award-winning book which was described by critics as “sickly beautiful”, “soul-numbing”, and “sorrowful”, the film takes an unflinching look at the aftermath of World War II on people’s psyches.

However, it doesn’t do this with just anyone: there’s a disturbed war veteran in the mix, as well as a serial killer photographer and a spider-eating wannabe holy man. 

And, you guessed it, viewers are positively obsessed.

Taking to social media in their droves, the film’s fans had a lot to say about it.

There were those who found themselves entirely fixated on Tom Holland’s hair:

Well, just Tom Holland in general, to be honest:

Others were more interested in Robert Pattinson’s performance as Preston Teagardin, arguably the film’s most detestable character. 

“Robert Pattinson really nailed that Southern Accent!!!” tweeted one. “His mannerisms, the way he carried himself, his posture & expressions were all fucking perfect. His screen presence is unmatched, I tell ya! 

“The guy didn’t even use a Dialect Coach, That’s King Shit.”

Although not everyone was a fan of his unorthodox accent:

The majority of comments, though, were focused on the film’s mind-boggling plot.

“Watching The Devil All The Time and I’m so confused as to what the plot is,” tweeted one.

“I’m halfway through the film and there’s so much going on!”

Another opined: “I’ll have to watch The Devil All The Time again. I’m confused as fuck!”

And still one more noted: “Finished watching The Devil All The Time… I’m deadass confused.”

Despite all of this, though, viewers seemed to agree on one key point: the film is well worth the watch.

The Devil All The Time has left me so confused but it was so good?!?!” tweeted one.

Another added: “So many icons in one film, The Devil All The Time is probably one of my favourite movies now it was so good.”

And one more said: “The Devil All The Time was absolutely brilliant! My favourite from Netflix this year! The acting from everyone, the creepiness, the darkness, the grittiness, loved it all!”

“Tom Holland was phenomenal as was Robert Pattinson, pair of them are absolute scene-stealers,” they added.

Not seen Netflix’s star-studded movie adaptation yet? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the plot of Netflix’s The Devil All The Time?

Netflix’s official synopsis for the film reads: “In Knockemstiff, Ohio and its neighboring backwoods, sinister characters – an unholy preacher, twisted couple, and crooked sheriff – converge around young Arvin Russell as he fights the evil forces that threaten him and his family.

“Spanning the time between World War II and the Vietnam war, The Devil All The Time renders a seductive and horrific landscape that pits the just against the corrupted.”

And is there a trailer for Netflix’s The Devil All The Time?

You better believe there is, and it’s… well, it’s distinctly unsettling.

Check it out:

Who makes up the cast of The Devil All The Time?

As reported on 6 August: there are a lot of Hollywood names attached to this project. A lot

Robert Pattinson will unleash his most sinister side yet as Preston Teagardin, aka the aforementioned preacher, while Tom Holland will be taking on the role of Arvin Russell.

Sebastian Stan will portray the film’s crooked sheriff, while Riley Keough and Jason Clarke are set to appear as a murderous husband-and-wife duo.

Netflix's The Devil All The Time: Riley Keough, Jason Clarke
Netflix's The Devil All The Time: Riley Keough and Jason Clarke.

And those aren’t the only names attached to the project, as Bill Skarsgård, Mia Wasikowska, Harry Melling, Haley Bennett, Pokey Lafarge, and Eliza Scanlen will also be appearing in the film.

Speaking about the project with IndieWire, Scanlen has said: “This film is about the ways people struggle with their faith, and how they define faith for themselves and what it leads them to do. We see in this film very extreme depictions of this struggle. 

“It was only a 10-day shoot, but it was filled to the brim with really tricky scenes and a really tricky storyline to fill amongst other people’s storylines. It was definitely a test in stamina.”

Intriguing stuff.

Who is the director of The Devil All The Time?

Antonio Campos – perhaps best known for his work on Aftershock, Christine, and Simon Killer – is taking the reins on this project. In fact, he isn’t just the film’s director: he also penned the screenplay with his brother, Paulo Campos.

“It was a hard book to adapt also because there was so much that we loved,” the director told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m a big fan of southern gothic and noir and this was a perfect marriage of the two. 

“Sometimes you might be adapting a piece and you think like, Well, there is a seed of a good idea here and I’ll just throw everything away and start from scratch. In this case it was like, we love everything!”

Netflix’s The Devil All The Time: Bill Skarsgård.
Netflix’s The Devil All The Time: Bill Skarsgård.

When will The Devil All The Time be available to stream on Netflix?

The film releases globally on Netflix on 16 September, so we don’t have long to wait.

Will you be watching?

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