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We're all familiar with Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent but in the ever-evolving world of Twitter, there are plenty of other fresh voices to tune into. From political commentators to beauty insiders and die-hard foodies, here are 20 clever, funny and insightful women for you to follow...

Have you own favourites? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments section below.

  • Olivia Solon


    Associate editor at, @olivia_solon is the woman to follow for insightful tweets on everything from technology to media to culture.

    We like this tweet: "Spam email intro: ‘Glad to know that you’re on the market for beekeeping tools...'"

  • Trish Deseine


    Food writer @TrishDeseine is originally from Ireland and now lives in Paris. We enjoy her restaurant and travel recommendations, as well as observations such as: "At breakfast. Dubious Italian prods Irish black pudding with fork, asks host, "What is this?" Host: "eat it and I’ll tell you after." #Dublin"

  • Charlotte Thompson


    The author of the rather excellent beauty blog uses her Twitter page to dispense tell-it-like-it-is beauty advice, such as this gem: "By the way ladies, stop shaving your arms FFS." Sage advice. @lipglossiping also tweets her blog posts on hot beauty product recommendations.

  • Lizzie Armistead


    @L_ArmiTstead gave Team GB its first medal this summer after her nail-biting women’s road race. She seems genuinely lovely judging from this tweet earlier this week: "Up bright and early to see my old primary school, promised I would come back if I won a medal!" Cute.

  • Ruth Blackett


    For witty and oh-so-true observations, we urge you to follow @RuthBlackett (a pseudonym inspired by that of a female pirate). So many of her tweets make us chuckle, but we had to pick one: "My bus passed another bus and the drivers didn’t wave at each other. This country is going to the dogs."

  • Kerstin Rodgers


    Hostess extraordinaire @MsMarmitelover - the woman behind the "guerrilla dining" Underground Restaurant in North London - is a fabulous foodie person to follow.

    Her tweets are both funny and irreverent, along the lines of "am recovering from Swedish boozeathon last night. Tried to heal self with Swedish plopps. Isn't working."

  • Helen Lewis


    New Statesman deputy editor @helenlewis combines witty political and social commentary with thoughts on gaming, David Cameron's face and cat of the day.

    Star tweet: "Why does everyone want to have a fight about this?" says Lord Hunt, which suggests he might not understand the media. #tabloids

  • Natalie Clue


    Marketing consultant Natalie Clue has become big news in the digital industry over the past year thanks to her beauty blog for contemporary and cosmopolitan women of colour, BeautyPulseLondon.

    Her Twitter feed @beautypulse_ldn attracts a global following and comes with advice, musings and links about all areas of the black beauty market under the heading, "Black. Beautiful. British. Proud."

  • Veronica Belmont


    Die-hard techspert and "passionate cheese raconteur" @Veronica Belmont is something of a Twitter gem.

    Even for those not up on their gadgets and gaming, her frank and sometimes baffling missives (example: "Upside to recording the @swordandlaser podcast at 4pm is that it won’t interfere with #VaginalFantasy at 8. Downside? I start drinking at 4") are guaranteed to entertain.

  • FleetStreetFox


    Annoynmous Fleet Street hack @fleetstreetfox is spot-on with her wry, acerbic observations on the media and current affairs.

    Our favourite are these rhyming tweets, "#LevesonCarols A dog in a manger, no desk for a bed, the little reporter lay down his sweet head. The stars in their privacy looked down where he lay, the little reporter with nothing to say".

  • Lucy Bridge


    London-based make-up artist @lucy_bridge has an affinity for long nails and cats.

    Her Twitter feed is brimming with backstage Instagram photos and tempting product descriptions such as "Coco Maca Chia Magic - Homemade walnut milk, chia, maca, raw honey, raw cacoa nibs, himalayan salt. Yum!!"

  • Cathy Horyn


    Twitter is spoilt for choice when it comes to style bloggers but New York Times fashion critic @CathyHorynNYT is among the best.

    Follow for breaking fashion news and pithy runway updates such as "Stella brings her difference to Paris w fab eyelet dresses, new takes on her contouring, illusion dress, in blazing orange + brushy prints."

  • Tara Newley


    If you're a fan of Joan Collin's feed, you might also like to branch out into her daughter's, "poet, writer, activist, trouble maker" @taranewley.

    Tara interacts with people like Dalai Lama and Amnesty International while also posting her own random thoughts on motherhood and life in general. "My kids are obsessed with zombies. Always asking how I would act in a zombie attack? Surprised? Unsure what to wear?" - goes a typical tweet.

  • Mary Beard


    Anyone with an interest in classics, geology or natural history should tune into @wmarybeard's newly formed account.

    In an age of over-information, her tweets are unique and informative - so much so, she already has her own Twitter appreciation society, @welovemarybeard.

  • Marian Keyes


    Best-selling author @MarianKeyes is surely one of Twitter's friendliest literary voices. She covers all manner of topics with a warm, chatty banter: "Lads! Can you advise me? I want to 'address' my uneven skin-tone via a treatment. Is it a 'polish' I need? Or a peel? Who do I ax to do it?"

  • Lungesandlycra


    @lungesandlycra is born out of a fitness blog with a twist - "for girls who like sweating, fitness and the odd nip of gin."

    Its Twitter feed covers everything from telly to excitable fashion finds and fitness-related research. "Amazing news! drinking actually helps your running! The only time I've wanted to believe the Daily Mail." - is the Tweet that gets our vote.

  • ManRepeller


    ManRepeller dwells on sweet lime green drop crotch utility pants and other garments that "may result in repelling members of the opposite sex." In the world of fashion, she's a distinctly unpretentious and hilarious Tweeter, with random insights such as "I take great pleasure in adding an -ize to most nouns, see: sledgehammerize, nipplize. Very cerebral."

  • HotBarChick


    Get the latest on the best cocktail bars, foodie hot spots and pop-ups in London with @HotBarChick, a self-professed champion drinker. Even when she's not out and about, her tweets are intriguing and snappy - "Home for partridge fajitas!"

  • Rachel Roberts


    Scathing celeb/TV commentary comes courtesy of @scouserachel, who keeps her followers amused with snarky dispatches such as "best xfactor sob story ever = marcus collins 'I had to walk to school'".

    Twitter veteran Grace Dent refers to her as "a long-standing cohort."

  • Anna Trevelyan


    @annatrevelyan is a cool fashion stylist with a penchant for eye-catching shades of hair - lime green, hot pink, you name it.

    Her Twitter feed is peppered with frivolous, witty fashion thoughts, along the lines of: "Last night I was dreaming about who was going to take over Balenciaga! It's subconsciously stressing me! I hope we find out soon!"