New Zealand's PM is living our dreams of roasting Donald Trump in person

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Harriet Little
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New Zealand’s prime minister  Jacinda Ardern stood up to Donald Trump and now we like her even more

Thirty-seven-year-old Jacinda Ardern was only elected as leader of New Zealand last month, but she’s already taking on the world. 

Ardern recently met US president Donald Trump at a trade summit Vietnam. As the world leaders were stood waiting to go in to dinner, Trump joked to someone stood near him that Ardern (“this lady” as he called her) had “recently caused a lot of upset in her country”. He was referencing the fact that the New Zealander was only elected as leader of the Labour party seven weeks before the national election that brought her to power so unexpectedly. 

Here comes the best bit. In an interview with Newsroom, Ardern says she turned around to Trump and quipped back: “No-one marched when I was elected.” BOOM. 

Ardern said the president brushed the comment off as a joke, but judging by Trump’s track record of taking offence at literally everything, we wouldn’t be so sure. 

Remember Trump’s obsession with proving he didn’t have tiny hands, for example? Twitter does. 

It’s been a tough few weeks for Ardern. As well as getting to grips with being prime minister, she’s had to deal with the death of her beloved rescue cat Paddles. Paddles became a celebrity last month when he was introduced as the “prime moggie”. 

But on November 7 it was announced he had died in a car crash - which presumably means he was run over. Twitter users were quick to share their condolences. 

Paddles’ last Tweet from beyond the grave will leave cat-lovers in floods. 

Rest in peace Paddles. We sure you’d be proud of your mum for standing up to a bully.