The cast of the all-female Ocean’s Eleven remake is beyond phenomenal

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Rihanna. Anne Hathaway. Mindy Kaling. Helena Bonham Carter. Cate Blanchett. Sandra Bullock.

Nope, it’s not our dream dinner party guest list (although that would, admittedly, be pretty great). That random-but-dazzling assemblage of names is reportedly the cast of the all-female Ocean’s Eleven remake.

The six superstars are set to play a crack team of con artists in the upcoming comedy heist movie Ocean's Eight, a spin-off of the blockbuster Ocean's trilogy. They’ll be joined by Awkwafina, aka Nora Lum – a rising New York-born actress/rapper who made her silver screen debut in Bad Neighbours 2.

Rihanna, Bonham Carter, Kaling, Hathaway and Awkwafina are all about to sign deals to join the cast, while Blanchett and Bullock are already confirmed, Deadline reports. 

It’s yet to be announced who will fill the eighth and final space on the team – but based on the glorious unpredictability of the cast so far, all bets are off. The role could just as conceivably go to Uzo Aduba as Helen Mirren or Lindsay Lohan, which may be the first time in Hollywood history that that sentence makes any sense.

Going by the rumours currently swirling around Hollywood, however, the most likely choice seems to be the inimitable Elizabeth Banks, who has worked with Ocean’s Eight director Gary Ross on two previous occasions (in The Hunger Games and everyone’s favourite horsey weepie, Seabiscuit).

No plot details for the new movie have yet been revealed, although the Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit claims that the storyline will focus on a heist at the Met Gala, which is almost too perfect for words. Thinking about it, actually, why don’t the producers have done with it and just cast Anna Wintour as the final team member? The heist could be an inside job! No one would suspect a thing!

They say three’s a trend, and this latest bit of casting news comes hot on the heels of two other major gender-flipped movie moments: the release of the Ghostbusters remake, and the announcement that Channing Tatum will play the mermaid in a reboot of Splash.

However, despite the reported fashion-world setting and the all-female cast, the director of Ocean's Eight has been at pains to stress that the new movie won’t represent a major departure from its male-dominated predecessors.

In an interview, Gary Ross said that his film will remain loyal to the Ocean's trilogy directed by Steven Soderbergh, describing it as “very much an extension and a continuation” of Soderbergh’s films. (Posibly, Ross witnessed the horrific misogynistic and racist abuse directed at the actresses in Ghostbusters, and wanted to minimise the chance of that happening to his own cast.)

“I’m in no way trying to reinvent the tone, and I’m thrilled and honoured to be extending it,” Ross told SlashFilm in June. “It’s really fun to work with.”

Filming for Ocean’s Eight begins in October. We. Cannot. Wait.

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