Paloma Faith has a very relatable view of lockdown happiness

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Paloma Faith

If you feel guilty about not feeling “happy” right now, you should read Paloma Faith’s relatable and frank words. 

How are you? It’s a question that most of us continue to ask and be asked in the pandemic. But it’s rare that anyone ever answers with a wholly truthful answer – pandemic or not. 

On the one hand, you might feel bad for complaining about anything when other people are suffering. But you also don’t want to shout too loudly about anything good that’s happening in your life. 

That’s why the standard response is so often, “I’m OK, thanks”. 

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But here’s the thing: you’re allowed to feel however it is you feel in lockdown without feeling guilty. Addressing this way of thinking, Paloma Faith’s recent Instagram post is a refreshing reminder that it’s OK to say you don’t feel great right now. 

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The singer shared a post about the complexities of being a pregnant woman in lockdown who is known for having a “sunny personality” and also previously experiencing post-partum depression.

“My mum keeps asking me if I’m happy and in general I would say I have a sunny personality,” she wrote alongside a photo of her bump. “And with a baby coming and previous post-partum depression the fact she keeps asking me makes me question it a lot.”

She explained her honest answer saying: “My reply was, as happy as I can be but is anyone super happy with this everlasting new way of life? Truth is, I miss shows, I miss friends and interactions, I miss restaurants and bars and my shows and talking to fans. I live for that I think. 

“I hope the new baby will be able to see that life at some stage… see their mum in her element cackling like a witch, embracing those she loves, talking to strangers, gatecrashing weddings, smoking roll ups cause she’s drunk and drinking gin and tonics out of a can in the park. I miss dancing. I miss the cinema I miss being spontaneous. I miss the beach. I miss helping people I don’t know cause I had a chance encounter with them.”

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She then made a relatable point, adding: “But no one is allowed to say this sucks, especially not when they are having a new baby! But there, I said it… What do you miss?”

Faith nails the guilt that many people are experiencing right now, because of that unspoken assumption that they’re not allowed to admit feeling personally unhappy at a time like this. But, it’s OK to not be OK, and talking honestly about it with others might just help. The truth is that this really does suck for everybody.

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