Susanna Reid clashes with Piers Morgan as she says stretch marks should be “celebrated”

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Hayley Spencer
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Despite being something most women have in common, and many men too, cellulite has been historically vilified.

But this irrational hatred is beginning to be lifted by scenes from pop culture which celebrate them. Victoria’s Secret (famous for their sometimes dubious Photoshop work) recently featured them prominently in one of its campaigns, while Kendrick Lamar put stretch marks centre-stage and sang about his love for them in his latest music video.

So we can all breathe a collective sigh of despair at the news that its the latest thing that seasoned misogynist Piers Morgan has decided to take fire at.

On Good Morning Britain this week, Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid discussed new un-retouched photos of Kim Kardashian captured by paparazzi on her latest holiday. 

Reid praised Kardashian for her stretch marks, referring to a tweet she posted about her "flawless body" on the beach holiday.

Reid said: "I think we should celebrate cellulite. I'd say it's a fact of life for 90% of women."

In response, Morgan commented: “Why would we celebrate it? Put up with it. Tolerate it. Flaws shouldn't be celebrated.”

“If I came in tomorrow and said, 'You know what I really celebrate about you, it's not your beauty, your brains, your intelligence – it's your cellulite', you'd slap me,” he added

Ignoring her co-host’s body negative comments, Reid continued to praise Kardashian and said she looked “absolutely knockout”.

The debate continued on Twitter after the show, with Reid continuing to defend stretch marks.

But Morgan persisted, comparing the form of scarring to his “double chin.”

She fired back saying he has “preconceptions” of what men and women should look like.

The 46-year-old received support from both fans of the show and body-positive groups.

In the very same episode, the 52-year-old also made objectifying comments about Reid’s appearance, saying her top was “not quite [see-through] enough”. He also staunchly defended the judge who came under fire for victim-blaming when she suggested that drinking made women more vulnerable to rape, while Reid insisted “the only person responsible for rape is the rapist”.

Of course, it’s just the latest in a slew of sexist, vitriolic comments from Morgan, but it doesn’t make it any less shocking that he’s allowed air time on a mainstream talk show.

Image: Rex Features.