Pink and husband Carey Hart reveal baby boy’s unusual celestial name

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From Just Like A Pill and Sober, to F**kin’ Perfect and So What, there’s no denying that we’ve all raised a glass to Pink’s powerhouse vocals at some point in our lives.

And now the award-winning singer has welcomed her second child - a baby boy - with husband Carey Hart.

The couple welcomed their baby boy on Boxing Day, with the 37-year-old taking to Instagram to announce her son’s arrival to her fans.

Sharing a photo of herself with the newborn, she also made sure to reveal his unique name in the simple caption, which read: “Jameson Moon Hart 12.26.16.”

The name Jameson may be a brand of whisky, but it is also an increasingly popular choice for parents; it means, quite literally, the Son of James.

Moon, meanwhile, is an unusual moniker; referring to the celestial body in the night sky, it is a cool ‘word name’ with a spiritual meaning. And it’s not the first time a celebrity has picked it out for their child; the musician Frank Zappa famously named his daughter Moon Unit.

In 2013, two years after the birth of her daughter, Willow, Pink revealed to the press that she had never been sure if motherhood was going to be in her future.

“I didn't want kids,” the singer said in an interview with GQ Australia. “I was terrified.”

“I had moments where I wanted a kid with Carey. You know — you first fall in love, and you're like, 'We should have kids,' and then it went away. But he always wanted kids and then we did it, and now it's like, ‘F**k, this is so rad’. It's more important than anything we've done.”

“I can use the word ‘happy’ and not flinch,” she added. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but I’m also still living my life.”

Pink made a name for herself as a fearless songwriter and vocalist, belting out hard, witty, and emotional tunes in her trademark raspy voice.

Much like Adele, her songs tend to focus on an unhappy personal life; they are angry, defiant, and raw. But, while the Just Like Fire singer now enjoys a happy personal life, she has pledged that her songs will never lose their edge.

“I guess people look at me and say, ‘You’re happy; what could you possibly have to add?’” she told The Telegraph. “I’m married, my life is more real than ever.

“I’m still engaged in the world, I’m still a career mom, I still have a relationship I’m trying to keep.”

Pink, as longtime fans will know already, isn’t just famous for her music career, however; the real-life Alecia Beth Moore has also made headlines for speaking out against the tabloid media’s misogynist narrative. 

She’s challenged their ridiculous double standards, highlighted the unfair pressures placed upon women on a daily basis, called out body-shaming reporters, and refused to let fame compromise her beliefs; Pink’s campaigned for the likes of PETA, Human Rights Campaign, ONE Campaign, Prince’s Trust, Save the Children and UNICEF, to name a few.

She even once wrote to Prince William to tell him that she would not be performing at his 21st birthday party, because she was disgusted by his pro-hunting stance.

So, while she has always been open about her dreams to have a big family of her own (“I want a basketball team”), we doubt that Pink will ever lose her rebellious spirit.

As she said once before: “I don’t live in the Hollywood bubble. I never have and I never will. I wasn’t invited to that party. And if I was, I’d probably arrive late and be dressed inappropriately.”


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