Pink brilliantly shuts down troll who says she looks ‘old’

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Susan Devaney
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Pink has tweeted a spot-on response to someone who criticised her appearance on Twitter, and proves once again why she’s legitimately the best. 

From channelling some much needed teenage angst in Just Like A Pill, to writing about her refusal to lose weight in her hit song Stupid Girls, Pink has made it her business to defy societal norms, gender stereotypes and beauty expectations ever since she first entered the music scene back in the year 2000.

And in 2018, she’s showing no signs of stopping, which is why she didn’t hold back when someone called her ‘old’ on social media. 

“Wow, Pink looks so old that should be named purple instead,” a Twitter user posted on a thread for a viral video that featured a 12-year-old fan singing for the Grammy-winning artist at one of her recent concerts. 

“You must be from LA,” Pink responded.

“Well, there are a few people left in the world that choose to age naturally. And I’ve earned every f**king minute of my 38 years. How you lookin’ though? Cause I never heard of ya til you put my name in your mouth. I shall call you little purple troll.”

“I am of the mindset that it’s a blessing to grow old,” Pink continued.

“That if your face has lines around your eyes and mouth it means you’ve laughed a lot. I pray I look older in 10 years, cause that will mean I’m alive,” she wrote. 

Of course, people have shown their support for Pink’s response on Twitter – including Reese Witherspoon. 

“Agree Pink! We are supposed to grow old and love our faces and our bodies that carry us through this life. Gotta have Gratitude for every minute on this Earth,” Witherspoon wrote.

“Exactly this. Let’s be proud of the lives we live. There’s no embarrassment in growing older, wiser, and better,” one user wrote.

“Can’t wait to see you when you’re 80. And if you’re still doing aerial stunts, all the better,” another user posted.

Never change, Pink.

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