Rachel McAdams: I was a victim of real-life Mean Girls

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The ultimate Mean Girl, Rachel McAdams, says she grappled with queen bees of her own during her school years

It was the cult hit classic that struck a chord with high schoolers everywhere. 

And now the sniping star of Mean Girls has admitted that her character is the type of person that she herself had to contend during her school years.

Rachel McAdams went down in movie history as Regina, the bitchiest of all queen bees, in the 2004 comedy, created by Tina Fey.

It was her debut role, and one that she played with relish; but McAdams says she was a very different teen in real life. 

“I was kind of a jock. I was not super popular,” the actor reveals, in a new interview with The Sunday Times’ Style magazine

“I spent a lot of time observing the Regina Georges, curious about what made them tick.

“I think everyone is the victim of Reginas,” she adds.

Regina George: the archetypal fictional queen bee

McAdams originally thought she was auditioning for the lead role of Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan) in the film, but is glad that she got cast as queen of the pink-loving Plastics - the coolest girl gang in school - instead.

“It’s much more fun to play the villain,” she says.

Such is Mean Girls’ appeal that the actor says she still gets people yelling its catchphrases at her - “That’s so fetch!” or “on Wednesdays we wear pink” - as she walks down the street. 

“Dads especially like to quote Mean Girls,” McAdams says. “They’re letting you know they’re cool dads.”

Earlier this year, Mean Girls’ other star, Lohan, recited her favourite phrases from the film, to mark its 14th birthday.

So, we’ll leave you on that happy note, in honour of mean girls everywhere; and the power to overcome them…

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