Radiologist brilliantly recreates celebrity Instagram snaps to fundraise for cancer patients

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Harriet Hall
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Like the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh’s self portraits, many celebrity Instagram posts have become the iconic images of the modern day – so instantly recognisable that we could spot them a mile off.

Which is why recreating them works so damn well.

In the latest series of celebrity Insta parodies, a cancer doctor has been recreating many popular pics to raise money for charity.

Mark Udovitch, a Sydney-based radiologist working in Australia’s Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre, initially started taking the photos and posting them on to his fundraising Facebook page for nothing other than a laugh – to bring a lightness to an otherwise awful topic.

Udovitch’s girlfriend, Lisa, acted as the project’s make-up artist, photographer and director, helping him to get the perfect snaps.

The hilarious images include recreations of Kendall Jenner’s famous heart-shaped hair, Janet Jackson’s topless shoot and Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine shoot that ‘broke the internet.’

Udovitch has even dressed up as film characters including Princess Leia, Jon Snow and Captain Jack Sparrow.

But the photos have since been recreated as part of the Dry July campaign, an alcohol-free fundraising campaign for people living with cancer – and Udovitch has even encouraged several of his colleagues to take their own pics.

People can submit requests for a new pic once they have donated to the page.

Speaking to Mashable Australia, Udovitch says that while he wanted the images to be as accurate as possible, he also enjoyed the “improvised” look, having made most of the costumes out of bits and bobs he found around the house.

As well as creating the parody images, Udovitch has been growing out his hair, with the intention of eventually shaving it off to donate to cancer patients.

Udovitch said he first decided to grow his hair after one of his patients told him that “losing her hair was extremely psychologically distressing and that losing her hair was worse than losing her breast.”

When she explained that wig libraries in hospitals only offered synthetic wigs, he decided to offer his own hair for a real wig.

The fund has already raised $19,000 AUD (£10,810), but the team has a target of $100,000 (£56,899).

The fundraising ends on 29 July so there’s still time to donate here – and see what you can make him do…