Emma Willis at Stylist's Remarkable Women Awards

Remarkable Women Awards 2019: Emma Willis just shared how she overcame imposter syndrome

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The TV presenter spoke to Stylist from the red carpet of the awards ceremony.

The award that Emma Willis is presenting at tonight’s Remarkable Women Awards 2019 is very close to her heart.

The television presenter is at Stylist’s award ceremony to honour a woman who was excelled in the field of resilience. The Triumph Award is designed to celebrate all the hurdles that women have to overcome in their life. And Willis couldn’t be prouder to be presenting the inaugural prize.

Because she herself has struggled with “my own self confidence issues and having faith in myself,” she explains to Stylist on the red carpet.

“I’ve got a lost of imposter syndrome,” Willis adds. “I think that I’m not good enough, and that everyone is going to find out one day.” 

Emma Willis in Vampire’s Wife

Dealing with imposter syndrome is something that has gotten easier for Willis as she gets older, she says.

“As I get older, I go ‘f**k it, I’m alright,” Willis says, laughing. “And even if I’m blagging it, I’m going to keep blagging it.’” 

For Willis, imposter syndrome is something that can be helped when women support other women. “That’s why we’re here, right?” she says, looking around the room at the guests, including Keely Hawes and Bryony Gordon,  gathered at Stylist’s Remarkable Women Awards. 

“Let’s make sure the younger generation don’t feel that way and that they feel empowered and confident,” Willis says. “And that will happen when they have women around them to support each other.”

We could not agree more, Emma. 

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