Remarkable Women Awards 2019: Georgina Campbell shares the most important women in her life

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The actress was just one of the many, many women on the red carpet at Stylist’s awards ceremony who name-checked their mum as their major inspiration.

There are remarkable women a-plenty at Stylist’s 2019 Remarkable Women Awards. 

From Bryony Gordon to Emma Willis, Keely Hawes, Vicky McClure and Annie Lenox, the awards ceremony is full of the women that Stylist, and the world, admires. 

But when it comes to name-checking the most remarkable women in their lives, one word cropped up more often than others. Mum.

“This is so cheesy, but I’d probably say my mum and my sister really inspire me,” actress Georgina Campbell told Stylist on the red carpet. “My sister is a single mum and she works and she looks after her child, and [her and our mum] live together. I find them very inspiring. They’re both very hardy, strong women, and they just get on with it.”

Georgina Campbell

Emma Willis, at the ceremony to present the Triumph Award, also praised her mum for being a true inspiration for her.

“My mum and my two sisters,” Willis said, when asked if she had to nominate a remarkable women who it should be. “100% it would be them.” 

Athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, clad in a Mary Katranzou dress, admitted that her mum has been one of the biggest driving forces in her life.

“It’s an obvious answer,” she said. “But she’s been such an inspiration for me. It’s always just been me and her, I’m an only child, so we have a really strong bond.”

Katarina Johnson-Thompson

For Edith Bowman, her mum is a true idol.

“Apart from being my mum and my mate, she survived breast cancer as well,” Bowman said on the red carpet at Stylist’s 2019 Remarkable Women Awards. “She is a working mum and a real inspiration for me. She fought for what she wanted to do. She’s amazing, she’s brilliant and she’s a bloody good laugh, too.” 

Bowman continued: “She had me at 19, she was young. We’ve had this great friendship ever sine I was growing up. Well, I was a nightmare when I was a teenager, but I got over that.”

Let’s hear it for all the remarkable mums.

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