Remarkable Women Awards 2019: Jodie Comer just accepted her first ever award, and it was very emotional

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Stylist cover star and one half of the addictive duo in Killing Eve, this actor is one of the UK’s most exciting new dramatic talents.

From the very opening scene of Killing Eve, audiences knew that Villanelle was no ordinary assassin. And star Jodie Comer was no ordinary actor. 

A young girl eats ice cream in a Viennese cafe with her mother while Villanelle watches her. As the pair lock eyes, Villanelle smiles slowly and the child grins back. Villanelle gets up, collects her things, and leaves the establishment. On her way out, she tips the ice cream straight into the child’s lap.

It was a brief scene, lasting only a few minutes. But it was a powerful statement of the kind of unsettling character Killing Eve’s deadly assassin would prove to be, as well as how exciting of an actor Comer is. All reasons, plus many, many more, that the Stylist cover star is the recipient of the 2019 Remarkable Women Awards’ Entertainer of the Year prize.

Accepting her award, a visibly overwhelmed Comer began by admitting that this is the “first ever award” she’s ever accepted, and asked the audience to be patient with her.

She continued: “It is a huge honour to receive this award and be included with such inspiring women, one of which is my good friend Katarina Johnson Thompson!

“I’m so happy we’re all gathered here to celebrate each other’s success. I particularly want to thank Lisa Smosarski and Helen Bownass for this honour… at my cover shoot last year, you made me feel so welcome and empowered.”

“In honour of international women’s week”, Comer went on to thank just a few of the remarkable women in her life, including Elizabeth Saltman, Fiona Shaw and (of course!) Donna Comer.

“I cannot leave the stage without thanking my mum,” she added, as the audience erupted into giggles.

And then, wrapping her arms around Fiona, Comer exited the stage.

Jodie Comer’s starmaking turn in Killing Eve

We were already fans of Comer from her roles in My Mad Fat Diary, Thirteen and Doctor Foster. But it was in Killing Eve that her star was truly born.

Speaking to Stylist, Comer said: “I think [Villanelle] is lonely. In episode on she says, ‘I just want someone to watch movies with.’ I think that’s something we’ve all felt. We’re probably at a time in history where we have all this social media and you’d think it would bring people together more, and obviously it can, but it does exclude people and it can bring a lot of anxiety.” 

She’s about to star in the highly-anticipated second season of Killing Eve this year, and she’s following that up with a turn in thriller Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds and then the role of Jacqueline de Bellefort in Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile. (de Bellefort is the slippery, conniving villain at the heart of Agatha Christie’s best Poirot novel, and a role that we can’t wait to see Comer sink her teeth into.) 

Jodie Comer is Stylist’s Entertainer of the Year

As for what’s next, Comer told Stylist that she is “always setting intentions”. “I did The White Princess and then in an interview (which I forgot about), said ‘I want to do something contemporary, with an element of comedy and quite physical, next,’” Comer recalled. “And the next job was Killing Eve. You can never second guess what’s going to come next.” 

Comer received her award from her Killing Eve co-star Fiona Shaw, who called her “one of the UK’s most exciting actors.” 

“She’s a psycho, she really is,” Shaw said. “I should know. I’ve worked with her. She has little to no redeeming qualities. Yes, we still all fell in love with her. Unapologetic, unsentimental, obsessive, a survivor, bad ass, she should be the new Bond. But that’s just her character.” 

In real life, Shaw added, Comer’s “star is only on the up. She is part of the new generation of Hollywood A-listers and I, for one, can’t wait to see what she does next.” 

Congratulations to Jodie Comer, Entertainer of the Year at the 2019 Remarkable Women Awards. 

Remarkable Women Awards 2019

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