Remarkable Women Awards 2019: Katie Piper is named Mentor of the Year

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More than a decade after she suffered a devastating acid attack, this woman is bravely using her own journey to change lives.

Katie Piper is always helping others.

Take a brief look over her Instagram or her Twitter, and you’ll see her interacting with all the many women who look up to her. On the website for her charitable organisation the Katie Piper Foundation, the FAQs read like questions posed directly to her. “Do you still have bad days?”; “What is your relationship to beauty?”; “What do you do to feel better about yourself?”

For many women, Piper is someone to look to in the truest sense of the word, a person who has overcome immense trauma in their life and uses that exact journey to inspire, educate and change the lives of others. 

And it’s why Piper is the winner of the 2019 Remarkable Women Awards Mentor of the Year. 

Piper is currently in hospital in Pakistan, recuperating from an illness. But her award will absolutely be waiting for her when she gets home.

At 24, Piper was targeted in an acid attack by her ex-boyfriend and accomplice, leaving her with severe damage to her face. A year later, in 2009, Piper launched her charitable foundation to help raise awareness about post-attack rehabilitation and her own battle with anxiety. Today, she’s also a best-selling author, inspirational speaker and TV presenter. Her dream is to one day establish a facility for adult victims of acid attacks and burns dedicated to recovery. 

Of Piper, Smosarski said: “She is a truly remarkable woman, someone who moves me to tears every time I hear her speak, and is someone who inspires confidence, breeds resilience and empowers everyone to really live their lives as opposed to just surviving.” 

Congratulations to Katie Piper, the 2019 Remarkable Woman Awards’ Mentor of the Year. 

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