Remarkable Women Awards: Lauren Mahon encourages us to make every second count

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The podcast host and cancer survivor is the definition of someone who has prevailed in the face of adversity. 

What does it mean to triumph? 

At, we believe that it isn’t simply a question of overcoming the hurdles in your way. It’s also about turning your experience of adversity into an asset. It’s about taking the difficulties you have faced in your life and using them to spur you forward, for the betterment of others and yourself.

Which is why there could be no better winner for the Triumph Award at the 2019 Remarkable Women Awards than Lauren ‘Lolli’ Mahon. The creator of the online community Girl vs Cancer and the host of the podcast You, Me and the Big C alongside Deborah James and the late Rachel Bland is a breast cancer survivor who has used her diagnosis to help raise awareness and drive conversations around the disease. And she’s only just getting started. 

Accepting her award, Mahon said: “This award is the best thing that has ever happened to me. To be here with truly remarkable women this evening means the absolute world to me.”

Continuing her speech, she addressed how it felt to live with cancer: “I felt the fear but I did it anyway,” she said. “It forces you to live your life larger, and to make every second count.”

Looking out at the crowd, she added: “I want to thank my sister, who is a remarkable woman in my life.”

Lauren Mohan remarkable women awards

Lauren with her Triumph award

Mahon was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. Devastating though that news was, Mahon decided to open up about her experience with a view to helping other women, launching a social media community for young women with cancer and launching her podcast. 

She has also designed a range of ‘tit-tees’, sold at events including Stylist Live and with Selfridges. The proceeds from which, along with her other charitable endeavours, have raised an incredible £46,000 towards cancer research. 

Mahon received her award from Emma Willis, who praised the woman’s remarkable strength and resilience.

“She is constantly surprising and impressing us all with her ingenuity and positivity, all in the face of a life-threatening illness,” Willis said. “She is a woman who’s truly prevailed in the face of adversity, for herself and for so many others effected by cancer.”

Congratulations to Mahon, a truly deserving winner of the 2019 Remarkable Women Awards’ prize for Triumph. 

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