Here’s every single time Ryan Gosling broke down in giggles on SNL

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Kayleigh Dray
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Saturday Night Live might be packed to the brim with witty and well-scripted gags – but some of the show’s best moments are when the cast break character.

So, when Ryan Gosling found himself unable to control his giggles during the 43rd season premiere, it quickly became one of the most tweeted-about topics on social media.

First of all came his opening monologue – which began well enough, until he had to tell the crowd that New Orleans is actually pronounced ‘Nerlins’.

Gosling then broke down into hysterical laughter when Kate McKinnon squeezed his bum during a sketch about alien abductions:

Naturally, she masterfully soldiered on with nary a smile until the end.

Next up, Gosling played a furious customer at an Italian restaurant – whose day is absolutely ruined when he learns that he’s sat in a very swanky Pizza Hut, and all of the food he’s consumed is actually of the fast food variety.

Towards the end of the sketch, though, the actor’s stony expression slips and he can’t help himself from giggling as he cradles his co-star.

Let’s not forget the ‘Dive Bar’ sketch, in which Gosling failed to keep a straight face as he played the flute with gusto:

And, in a skit with Aidy Bryant dressed as a chicken, Gosling completely lost his cool when she tried to grab at his gun with her wings.

Cue her threatening him with the weapon – and Gosling almost folding to the floor in a pool of giggles.

To be fair, he did have to declare his love to a chicken.

In short, Gosling may be great in Oscar-winning films, but he’s arguably not so good with live-action comedy. Which, in turn, makes him the best person to watch in live-action comedy: after all, there’s nothing funnier than seeing an A-list actor completely lose their cool.

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