Sandra Bullock just donated a huge amount to Hurricane Harvey relief

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Actor Sandra Bullock has contributed to the hurricane relief efforts in Texas by handing a huge $1 million (approximately £770,000) to charity.

As reports, the Hollywood star donated the incredible amount to American Red Cross, which is providing shelter, meals and comfort to people impacted by the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey.

So far, it’s thought 30 people have died and tens of thousands of houses have been destroyed, with the cost of damage to property potentially running into the billions. Thousands of evacuated residents have left their homes underwater and are seeking shelter as the storm, now downgraded from category 4 to tropical, continues to flood areas on the Gulf Coast, with Louisiana and Kentucky expected to be affected in the coming days.

Bullock said of her gift: “There are no politics in eight feet of water. There are human beings in eight feet of water.”

She added: “I’m just grateful I can do it. We all have to do our part.”

Bullock, who has a home in Texas, has given the charity millions over the years. Publically, she’s given $1 million at least four times: in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks; in response to the 2005 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis; in 2010 for the Haiti earthquake, and following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

A spokesperson for American Red Cross told the website it was an “incredible gift”, adding: “Having someone like Sandra Bullock make this kind of commitment, it helps bring people together and open their hearts and be even more generous.”

In the wake of the devastation, other celebrities are stepping up too. Houston-born Beyoncé said she was working with her charity BeyGOOD and her Houston pastor on a way to help, and that she was “in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined”.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian clan has pledged a joint $500,000 (approx.. £387,000) to American Red Cross and Salvation Army USA, Drake said he was working with local relief groups and Nicki Minaj pledged $25,000 (approx. £19,000) to Kevin Hart’s fundraiser.

The Walt Disney Company also donated $1 million to American Red Cross, while tech companies Facebook, Amazon and Google announced donation-matching worth up to $3 million.

American Red Cross has produced a guide on how best to show support here, including how to donate, how to support local organisations and details of shelters that ensure evacuated residents aren’t separated from their pets.

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