Sarah Jessica Parker: “I am not a feminist, I just want people to be treated equally”

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Kayleigh Dray
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Sarah Jessica Parker sparked a sexual revolution when she appeared as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s Sex And The City.

The show gave women a voice, reminded us of the importance of female friendships, and lent its voice to the battle against slut-shaming on more than one occasion.

It also gave women a voice, and got us talking about orgasms, sex toys, STIs, female sexuality, abortions, and more.

Yet, despite all of this, SJP recently admitted that she herself doesn’t identify as a feminist.

Speaking to Marie Claire, she said: “I am not a feminist. I don’t think I qualify.”

She added: “I believe in women and I believe in equality, but I think there is so much that needs to be done that I don’t even want to separate it anymore.

“I’m so tired of separation. I just want people to be treated equally.”

While it shouldn't feel that contentious, the term 'feminist' is one which many celebrities are reluctant to adopt, with many, such as Susan Sarandon and Madonna, preferring to define themselves as a 'humanist' instead.

However some A-listers, such as Lena Dunham, have proudly affixed the term to their lapels - and have even called out their fellow celebs for turning the word into a "taboo".

Dunham, the creator and star of Girls, famously told the Metro: “Women saying ‘I’m not a feminist’ is my greatest pet peeve. Do you believe that women should be paid the same for doing the same jobs? Do you believe that women should be allowed to leave the house? Do you think that women and men both deserve equal rights?

“Great, then you’re a feminist. People think there is something taboo about speaking up for feminism."

Comedian Amy Poehler echoed Dunham’s words, telling Elle: "I think some big actors and musicians feel like they have to speak to their audience and that word is confusing to their audience. But I don't get it.

“That's like someone being like, 'I don't really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don't know what I would do without it.' "

And, earlier this week, President Barack Obama penned a powerful essay about feminism, reminding the world that it is “absolutely men’s responsibility to fight sexism too.

“As spouses and partners and boyfriends, we need to work hard and be deliberate about creating truly equal relationships.”

He added: “That’s what twenty-first century feminism is about: the idea that when everybody is equal, we are all more free.”


Parker, in her quest for equality, went on to discuss some very important women’s rights issues in her Marie Claire interview.

 “I would like all of that [gender pay gap] nonsense to end. I would like women to get paid for the value of their contributions, not by old-fashioned ideas about gender,” she said.

And, while she prefers not to make public statements about her own sentiments, the actress went on to praise the celebrities who are leading the charge for gender equality.

She said: “Listen, Jennifer Lawrence deserves every bit as much as her male counterpart. It’s indisputable. Emma Watsonis an amazing young woman, and it’s important for her to talk about women’s issues. She isn’t concerned about herself.

“Women are paying the bills, getting it done, getting the kids here and there. The more we address that, we are all going to be better.”

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