Sarah Jessica Parker slams sexist Kim Cattrall feuding rumours: “We needed each other”

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Kayleigh Dray
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Sex And The City was one of the greatest shows of the '00s, championing independence, career women, sexuality, and, above all else, the importance of female friendship.

However, as fans of the sitcom will no doubt already know, it has long been reported that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall did not get along on set.

Now, in a new interview with Howard Stern, the real-life Carrie Bradshaw has put those rumours to bed once and for all.

When asked if there were any truth to tabloid stories of clashes on set, Bradshaw explained that she forged close bonds with Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Cattrall.

“These were my sisters. These were people that I grew to love and admire,” she said.

SJP did not claim that her relationship with her SATC co-stars was picture-perfect; just like any friendship, there were ups and downs.

“Was every day perfect?” the Divorce star said. “Were people always desperately, hopelessly in love with each other?

“No, but this is a family of people who needed each other, relied upon each other, and loved each other.”

She pointed out the sexist nature of the reports, adding: “This sort of narrative, this ongoing cat fight, it really used to upset me for a very long time.”

Her words echo those of Cattrall, who previously told the Mail Online that rumours of discord between her and her SATC co-stars was nothing but tabloid fantasy.

“The press has to put women in these boxes rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful,” she said. 

“Things just have to be explosive for no other reason than for people's imaginations.”

They are not the first actresses to call out the media for portraying women as sexist stereotypes; Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron have also pointed out that they get on well with their female colleagues.

Speaking about the issue, Blunt said: “We were all talking one day, and Charlize [Theron] was like, 'Do you know what's funny is I think sometimes, whether it's the media or just society, [people] like to paint the picture that women sort of bitch about each other, and women are competitive and jealous and vying and watchful of each other.

“And she said, 'And you know, the only issues I've ever had on set have been with a dude.' And I would agree. The only time I feel like I've rolled my eyes at somebody I've been working with, it's been a guy.”

The Girl on the Train star added: “It's just been my experience that I've gotten along with every woman that I've worked with. I have not felt any preciousness or hierarchy or anything like that. I've just never had an issue!”

It’s good to hear that their friendship remains as strong as ever, because it seems as if Cattrall and SJP could be set to work alongside one another in the not-so-distant future.

Speaking to the Press Association about the possibility of a third Sex And The City movie, Parker remained coy – although she hinted that it is looking more and more likely that a reunion of some kind is in the works.

“I don’t think any of us have said no,” she told them. “I don’t know whether it’s a series or the movie.”

When pressed for further details, the actress added: “I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it’s been resolved.

“I think that’s always a possibility, definitely.”