Sarah Silverman hits back after being shamed for wearing same dress three times

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Kayleigh Dray
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If you’re anything like us, you probably have more than one item of clothing hanging in your wardrobe that you can’t get enough of.

And, whenever there’s an excuse to wear it, you do; after all, it’s a very rare individual who can be bothered to buy a brand-new outfit for every single occasion.

However, while members of the general public are happily re-wearing their clothes on a daily basis, celebrities tend to showcase a fancy new ensemble for each and every special occasion.

This is primarily due to the fact that a) they have the funds, b) they have good relationships with designers, and c) every single one of their clothing items is fully documented by the press.

Sarah Silverman, however, is not like most celebrities.

The comedian has fallen in love with a certain black, floral-printed, short-sleeved mini dress – and, rather than bow to the pressures of finding a new outfit for every red carpet appearance, has been happily re-wearing it to her heart’s content.

But after seeing Silverman in the same frock for the premiere of Love and Friendship, on stage for an interview for Late Night with Seth Meyers, and for a panel regarding the television show Masters of Sex, one newspaper decided to shame her for it.

They wrote: “The two-time Emmy-winning writer has enlisted stylist duo Emily Current & Meritt Elliott for red carpet looks in the past, so it’s unclear why the outrageous public figure can’t find another ensemble to wear.”

It took Silverman a little while to notice the article, but, yesterday, she clearly fell upon it in her newsfeed.

Rather than allow them to make her feel embarrassed about her wardrobe choices, the comedian mocked them for trying to make a “scandal” out of nothing.

Retweeting their original story onto her feed, she wrote: “SCANDAL!

“I bought it on Amazon, I like it, it's easy, and I've worn it WAY more than 3 times.”

Preach on, Silverman.

Fans immediately flocked to Twitter to congratulate the two-time Emmy Award winner, with one pointing out that the press had also called out Sarah Millican for the exact same “fashion offence” in 2014.

 “They didn't like it when @SarahMillican75 wore floral either. Is it a Sarah thing or a floral thing?”

Millican, spotting the tweet, replied: “Or a misogyny thing?”

Speaking to the Radio Times in 2014, Millican explained that she intended to purposefully re-wear her John Lewis dress in a bid to remind us how unimportant such things are.

She said: “If I am nominated [for the Baftas] again I will be wearing exactly the same dress. Because the public, general, fans, nice people, realise how unimportant it is.

“Am I funny, yes? Do you care what I have on? No. As long as I am covered, as long as nothing is hanging out unless I want it to hang out, I think that’s enough.”

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