Scarlett Moffatt refuses to be defined as just “an aesthetic shell”

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Scarlett Moffatt is our new feminist hero after sharing an uplifting post on social media that urges womankind to remember, “we are more than our looks, weight, clothes, our partner!”

Scarlett Moffatt has found herself at the center of media gossip since she first landed on our screens as a hilarious and charismatic TV viewer in Gogglebox. And now, she’s had enough.

Like many a celebrity, the presenter and TV personality’s weight and appearance have been discussed publicly time and time again, in the trite commentary almost every woman in the public eye is (ridiculously) subjected to. 

Most recently, headlines have been obsessed with the idea that Moffatt’s face may have been changed or altered in some way, which is something that she has now challenged with a very powerful message.

Taking to Instagram, Moffatt posted a picture of her school girl self alongside a caption that begins: “This is me age 6. I have the same button nose, chubby cheeks and monobrow that I do now (just now highlighter and contouring exist ha) 

“I also have the same attitude in that life is measured by how many times I laugh a day and how much love I have in my heart. Because that’s all that truly matters!”

Moffatt continues, addressing “women and girls” in feminist rallying cry, urging females everywhere to remember they are more than an “aesthetic shell” and not to let “social conformity of behaving a certain way bring us down!!”

“Ladies, women, girls… despite what most media thrusts upon you … we are more than an aesthetic shell”, she adds. 

Before pointing out how important it is to concentrate on not only our own achievements, but to empower and lift up the women around us, and share in their achievements too, writing: “I like to stay positive and focus on my fellow female’s achievements… as woman we are more than our looks, weight, clothes, our partner!!”

Signing off, Moffatt quotes one of 2018’s most prevalent girl band’s members, Little Mix, writing: “Stay strong and let’s not let this 2018 social conformity of behaving a certain way bring us down!! In the words of Little Mix’s Jade, ‘we can wear what we want and twerk if we want’ #girlpower.”

Moffatt is known for being strong, independent and unafraid to speak her mind; qualities that her fans love her for. So, it’s no surprise that her latest post went down a storm with her legions of female fans, many who thanked her for her empowering words. 

One Instagram user referenced to a lyric from one of Little Mix’s songs, which highlights the need for female empowerment and equality, writing: “WE GOT THE POWER.”

Another commented on how important it is to support other women, writing: “Real queens fix each other’s crowns…stay strong.”

A third echoed Moffatt’s sentiments with the same hashtag, writing: “Such a powerful message!!! You’re such an inspiration to women! #girlpower.”

Here’s to Moffatt, for calling out society’s degradation of women and continuing to act like a badass while doing it. 

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