Chris Noth on the "flawed" SATC film and his opinion of 'wh**e' Carrie Bradshaw

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Actor Chris Noth, famous for playing Mr Big, Carrie Bradshaw's love interest in Sex and the City, has opened up about why the second film "didn’t really work" saying, "It was a mistake to leave New York City".

Speaking to, Noth, 59, said, "I think it was considered an indulgence and a distraction because it hit right when the recession happened. People were like, ‘Who gives a f**k about these broads going to Dubai when we can’t pay our mortgage?"

He continued: "It was originally intended as a romp between these friends, but I think it was a mistake to leave New York City, because New York is an integral part of that show.

"Without that, it just went on too long. The critical response was overwhelmingly negative … there was not one good review of that film. Not one. And I think it was very hurtful for the girls, because [the reviews] got personal. The media can be dogs. Just f**king ravenous dogs. And they just tore it apart — unjustly, because there are a lot of other romantic comedies that are dumb and stupid, and they give them a pass. It’s like they were gunning for us. [The film] was flawed, yeah, but it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be."

Noth also spoke candidly about his character - infamously known as a commitment phobe - and his on-screen girlfriend Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

"One of the things I tell people is that he never tried to pretend he was anything other than what he was. It was [Carrie] who tried to pretend he was something he wasn’t. He was always honest about himself — he never cheated on her. The relationship just didn’t work, and he went on to get married while she went on to … how many boyfriends did she have? She was such a w****! [laughs] There’s a misconception that Carrie was a victim of him, and that’s not the case — she was a strong, smart woman.

"Big was powerful because he had a lot of money and he seemed to have the upper hand in the relationship, but emotionally he was a wreck," Noth said.

The actor, who currently stars in The Good Wife, also addressed rumours surrounding a third SATC film after Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis (who plays Charlotte York) hinted at an upcoming film in series of messages exchanged on Twitter.

"Is there going to be another [Sex and the City] movie? The tweets! I can’t believe those girls are tweeting, they’re being very naughty. I don’t go near Twitter, it’s all bulls***. I’ll believe it when they say ‘Action!’ and until then I don’t pay any attention. Sure, I’ve heard rumours, but they’ve been sayin’ that s*** for 10 years. It’d be a great thing, but for now it’s all just Tweety-pie s***," said Noth.

Speaking about Lena Dunham's Girls, which has been compared to SATC, Noth said: "It’s interesting that Girls now is one of the most popular shows out there, seeing as it really shows the reality of the struggle [in New York]. Sex and the City was very materialistic, with the fashions, shopping and apartments, and the reality of living in New York is very different for young people."

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