Kim Kardashian posts nude selfies because they make her “feel powerful”

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Kim Kardashian says she posts nude selfies because they make her feel “powerful” but that she’s not making an explicitly feminist point, saying simply: “If I post a photo, I post it because I like how I look.”

Her comments were in response to Sharon Osbourne saying Kardashian’s posing naked was “being a ho” and at odds with professing to be a feminist.

In an interview with The Telegraph earlier this month, Osbourne said Kardashian couldn’t be acting “in the name of feminism” because she believes she’s one of a number of girls who “live off their bodies”.

“Kim says she’s doing everything in the name of feminism, but that’s not feminism! Those girls live off their bodies, half of LA has been through them and everything they do from the sex tape to the plastic see-through dresses and the gym wear is about sex, not female progress,” she said.

“And listen: God bless them. If Kim wants to show off her body, fine. But that’s not feminism, that’s being a ho. And there’s nothing wrong with being a ho, but always remember what you are.”

Now Kardashian has addressed the comments, saying she’d never claimed her naked pictures were feminist, and that she posted them for herself.

“I think she said I said a quote about, ‘I post nude photos in the name of feminism.’ Never said that. So I think when people misquote you and then comment, it just sounds ridiculous,” Kim told “I post nude photos because I like how I look and I feel proud when I've lost all this baby weight and I post it because I feel like posting it and I feel powerful.”

Reiterating a sentiment she has expressed before, she also said, “I’ve never been like the ‘free the nipple’ kind of girl.

“If I post a photo, I post it because I like how I look.”

Kardashian has previously said she doesn’t consider herself a feminist (“I don’t think that I am”), but later clarified that she felt she was but that she didn’t “need labels” and that women simply “standing up for themselves […] that’s a modern feminist”.

As reports, Osbourne has previously said she was inspired by one of Kardashian’s most-famed selfies posted in March last year.

Following her Telegraph interview, Osbourne reiterated that while she thought there was “nothing wrong” in posting revealing shots, she personally felt it was not a feminist action, telling Entertainment Tonight: “I don't think because she takes her clothes off and is confident with that, that makes you a feminist.

“That makes you confident, but it doesn’t naturally go with being a feminist.”

The ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ kind of feminism has long been debated, especially when it comes to women embracing their sexuality; Kardashian and model Emily Ratajkowski posted a joint topless selfie days after Kardashian’s original post sparked worldwide comment, and while Kardashian didn’t reference feminism herself, Ratajowski captioned the shot: “We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality. #liberated”.

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