Simone Giertz is the queen of totally useless robots and we love her for it

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Harriet Little
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Simone Giertz, aka “the queen of crappy robots”, is inventing machines to solve life’s most mundane problems and the results are hilarious.

Simone Giertz is the mad scientist of the YouTube generation. 

The Swedish 27-year-old has built up a huge following on her YouTube channel, which follows her misadventures as she tries to build machines to fix problems we never thought needed fixing - like having to put on lipstick, chop carrots and wake up in the morning.  

Her latest invention is a giant applause machine that is so much cooler than actually clapping. 

While conversations about the role of robots in the future are normally serious and distinctly menacing, Giertz’s innovation showcase a lighter side to inventing. To put it more bluntly, her robots are totally ridiculous. 

But it’s not that Giertz doesn’t think robots pose a threat, of sorts. In fact a lot of her inventions are so dangerous she wisely uses models to trial them. 

Other times she exhibits an impressive level of poise as her own creations attempt to do her serious injury. 

We also like the fact Giertz doesn’t play it safe when it comes to politics. In fact, she’s got some pretty ingenious suggestions. 

Ridiculous? Maybe. Fun? 100%. And it’s inspiring to see robot-building as something so down to earth that we could imagine doing as a hobby - Giertz is largely self taught. 

And if anyone bothers Giertz by saying her inventions are a bit…”crappy”, to use her own descriptor, well there’s a robot for that.