Remarkable Women Awards 2019: Anne Marie wins Artist of the Year

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There are so many incredible female artists to celebrate right now, but at the top of our list is one very special, very honest pop star. 

Throw your hands up in support of the incredible Anne-Marie, who has just been awarded Artist of the Year at Stylist’s Remarkable Women Awards. Presented by inspirational model Neelam Gill, the UK’s most honest singer-songwriter has rightly been recognised not only for her undeniably catchy songs, but for her status as an artist who speaks directly to her fans - no filter required. 

“Thank you for this – I really like this,” Anne-Marie said as she accepted her award. “It feels incredible being in the room with such amazing women.”

She continued: “I want to say thank you to Stylist magazine for making a magazine with inspiring women on the front cover – because I never, ever had that when I was growing up.

“I want to say thank you to Stylist for changing the world.”

Anne-Marie on the red carpet at the Stylist Remarkable Women Awards

The last few years have been huge for Anne-Marie, whose chart-topping hits like 2002 have been stuck in the minds of pretty much everyone since they were released. 

But more than just creating great music, she’s built an incredibly loyal fan base (over three million Instagram followers, thank you very much) thanks to her openness around anxiety and body issues.

Speaking to Stylist last year, Anne-Marie gave a refreshingly honest depiction of her anxiety, explaining: “I don’t know how to deal with it yet. I try to tell everyone that it takes time.

“It’s like heartbreak – you’re not going to go out one night, get pissed and feel OK the next. I’m fine on stage, but get anxiety when meeting new people; it stems from a constant worry that they won’t like me.

“At the moment I’m just throwing myself in, even though I feel like [mimes heart beating rapidly] when I find myself in a new situation.”

And this is exactly why we love her, because through the razzle dazzle she gives real answers that we can relate to. We might not regularly be performing in front of thousands of people, but who hasn’t had a heart-thumping moment when walking into a big meeting or trying something new?

Congratulations to our Artist of the Year - we can’t wait to see what Anne-Marie does in 2019.

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