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How to sleep if you work in your bedroom, from the Working from Home with Stylist podcast

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This week’s episode of Working from Home with Stylist is available to download and listen to now. 

Week eight of Stylist’s podcast – Working from Home with Stylist – is here and this week the team are talking about working from bedrooms, how that can impact sleep quality, and why Bianca Miller thinks now is the perfect time to learn something new. Editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski and editor-at-large Alix Walker are joined by Miller, TV host Laura Whitmore and Dr Nerina Ramlakhan. 

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who took the stage at Stylist’s Restival, spoke to Lisa about how we can tackle the disadvantages of working and sleeping in the same room. For many, when lockdown hit it left us with no option but to set up office at home - be it on the sofa, at the kitchen table or, for many, in the bedroom. But it’s leading to sleepness nights for some. “As much as possible, do not work in your bedroom,” Dr Ramlakhan tells Lisa. 

“Get your electronic equipment out of your bedroom, get an old fashioned alarm clock in there. Try to keep your bedroom free of any reminders of work or anything that’s going to send your nervous system into hyper-alert. When you’re watching TV, watch it in a separate space to your bedroom. Try and create these physical separations. 

“If you are living and working in the bedroom, power everything down at the end of the day and put a cloth over the laptop. Switch off your phone to charge it.”

Scroll down to listen to the rest of Dr Ramlakhan’s advice on working and sleeping in the same room. 

Also in the podcast this week, Bianca Miller talks about why now is a great time to grab the opportunity to learn something new, and Laura Whitmore explains why she’s sharing more of her ‘real life’ on social media. 

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