5 life lessons we learned from the Spice Girls

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Susan Devaney
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FINALLY are dreams have come true: Spice Girls our going on tour. 

It’s official: Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary will be reuniting to bring back girl power in 2019.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, they announced the news to fans.

It may be over 20 years since they first appeared on our radar shouting “Girl power!” but as one of the most iconic bands of all time, we think the world needs Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Geri Horner (née Halliwell) and Melanie Chisholm back together again.

From standing up for our rights, to mastering complex dance routines, we’ve compiled the most important life lessons we learned from the Spice Girls…

1. It’s important to call out sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace

It comes as no surprise that the Spice Girls were calling out sexism in the Nineties when they saw it – in front or behind the camera. On the set of a 1997 Polaroid commercial, the women called out a misogynist director after he demanded they show their cleavage and midriffs.

Marching up to him, Mel B asks: “Was it you? Why did you ask that [we show cleavage and midriffs]?”

“It’s every man’s fantasy,” he replies sleazily, before adding: “That’s showbiz.”

However he didn’t bank on the rest of the Spice Girls turning up to back Mel up.

Watch the moment for yourself below: 

2. We should all be brand ambassadors for feminism

The Spice Girls taught us about feminism before we even knew what it was. From their ‘Girl Power’ mantra (peace sign included) to their solid female friendship, they packaged up feminism and made it both accessible and fun.

Exclaiming that they “liked female DJs and there weren’t enough of them” and telling all they were “spreading a positive vibe”, to many they defined what it meant to be a modern feminist, and they weren’t shy about saying so - just like in the clip below:

3. How to execute amazing choreographed dance routines  

If you didn’t know all of the routines to all of the Spice Girls’ songs, were you even a Nineties kid? From Stop to Wannabe, dance floors across the country have never looked so in sync – and we need to get it back on track. 

4. We can wear whatever we want

When the Spice Girls spoke, everyone listened. And whatever they opted to wear, we wanted it too. Who else would get away with wearing a Kappa tracksuit to meet Prince Charles, other than Mel C? As Bunton put it in an interview in 1997: “Just because you’ve got a short skirt on and a pair of tits, you can still say what you want to say. We’re still very strong.”

They wore whatever they wanted, said whatever was on their minds, and we reckon they’d be able to get Kappa trending in 2018. 

The Spice Girls back in 1997, with Mel C wearing the sportswear brand Kappa. 

5. They showed us how to take back control 

In 1997, the Spice Girls got rid of their manager, Simon Fuller, and decided to manage themselves. Fuller has since said that Annie Lennox was a huge inspiration behind the success of the group. Given she is such a strong feminist, we’re not in the least bit surprised by this; maybe all six could come together to set the world to rights in 2018?

The women at the premiere of their film SpiceWorld in 1997, and looking very much like they’re the boss. 

So there you have it. Girls, are you listening?

Images: Rex Features