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Stacey Solomon: “2009 was the year that changed my life forever”

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In October 2009, the first issue of Stylist was published and magazine history was made. Now, 10 years later, we look back at what Stacey Solomon was about to do in that very year – and how it changed her life.

There was a time when we were a nation obsessed with The X Factor. It might be hard to remember, but the talent show introduced us to some of the biggest pop acts that continue to dominate the charts. Little Mix, Leona Lewis and One Direction all found fame through thematic weekly performances and excruciating public votes. And, lest we forget, the inaugural show’s winner Steve Brookstein.

Arguably, series six gave us some of the show’s most successful talents. And no, we’re not just being biased because it was the series that aired in the same year that Stylist magazine was launched. In 2009, Olly Murs, John & Edward and Stacey Solomon all faced the music.

Since then, we’ve seen Solomon – one of the most instantly likeable and down-to-earth celebrities out there – forge a career in entertainment. As well as being a bloody brilliant singer, Solomon is a regular presenter on the Loose Women panel. And her unfiltered honesty on social media reassures many a follower about their bodies, careers and relationships

This year, Solomon welcomed her third child, Rex, into the world. She’s also just launched a new clothing range with Primark. As so much has happened for her over the last decade, we asked Solomon to join in our anniversary celebrations. “Happy birthday!” she cheers down the phone, before telling us everything that she was doing in 2009…

I was about to…

At this exact time in 2009, I was auditioning for The X Factor. How weird is that? I was just so excited. I didn’t think I’d ever get anywhere, because I’d already auditioned for a few years in a row. So I was just like “Oh well, if you don’t succeed, try and try again”. I tried to be really casual about it but I was actually really excited. And I loved the show. I was so glad just to get an audition because you had to queue for hours and hours – it was crazy back then. And my son Zachary was about Rex’s age. I just remember being extremely tired but also so excited. 

I was reading…

I was reading Into The Woods because I was studying at college at the time for an NVQ in musical theatre. I remember doing my exams and that was one of the big end-of-term tests.

I was listening to…

I’ve always listened to similar music. I’m obsessed with Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand, all the power women. So I was definitely listening to them.

I was wearing…

On the day of The X Factor audition, I was wearing denim shorts and a white polo top that had baby sick all over it and white trainers.

Stacey Solomon came third in The X Factor 2019.
Stacey Solomon came third in The X Factor 2019.

I was obsessed with…

Hmm, what was I obsessed with? Well it was probably food based. Do you remember those Puffs crisps? They were cheese and onion flavour, like little puff things. Or, what were they called? Tangy Toms or something. I used to be obsessed with them and they were like 10p a bag so I’d buy three or four bags at the time. I’ve not seen them in years!

I wish I’d paid more attention to…

I probably should have listened to my parents’ advice. They were really good at giving it but I never listened. And it’s probably only now, ten years later, that I make a conscious effort to be the way that they encouraged me to be. So, to believe in myself and to like who I am.

And the biggest thing to happen over the last 10 years…

I feel like everything happened to me in the last decade! But my children are the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me.

Plenty more friends of Stylist have helped us to celebrate our 10th birthday this week. Fearne Cotton has recalled the time she planned her first wedding before calling the whole thing off. Rose McGowan discussed the depression she experienced. And Vick Hope revealed who she voted for in her first general election. 

A lot really can happen in 10 years, and we can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.

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