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The late, great Amy Winehouse has received an unusual tribute in the form of a portrait made from pills. San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecier used 5,000 multicoloured tablets to create the intricate work, in honour of the Back to Black singer's short but remarkable life.

Mecier is well-known for his wacky celebrity collages, which he builds from beer tops, sweets, trash and other unusual materials. Stars including Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Shirley Bassey have been lovingly re-created in this way - and some are apparently so enamoured by the idea they contribute items for Mecier to feature in their portraits. See examples of some of Mecier's best celebrity pieces, below, and immerse yourself in a world of junk.

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Picture Credit: Rex Features

  • Amy Winehouse

    The late Amy Winehouse is honoured with a portait made from thousands of pills.

  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga is brought to life in trash form - including some Hello Kitty merchandise that the singer donated herself.

  • Frida Kahlo

    Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is incarnated in junk.

  • Mo'Nique

    Oscar-winning actress Mo'Nique gets the candy treatment.

  • Mary-Louise Parker

    Junk is the name of the game for actress Mary-Louise Parker.

  • Kelly Osbourne

    Like Amy Winehouse, Kelly Osbourne is immortalised in thousands of tiny pills.

  • Taylor Swift

    It's candy all the way for singer Taylor Swift.

  • Michael Jackson

    Another pill tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

  • Courtney Love

    Pills form the basis of Courtney Love's likeness as well.

  • Dexter / Michael C. Hall

    Dexter - aka actor Michael C. Hall - is re-created in all his murderous detail using black and red sweets.

  • Shirley Bassey

    You wouldn't think Dame Shirley Bassey and junk would go together, but the result is fantastic.

  • Tina Fey

    Comedian Tina Fey also looks great on the back of some junk.

  • Heath Ledger

    The late Heath Ledger is honoured with dozens of pills.

  • Rosie O'Donnell

    Junk food is used to make O'Donnell's portrait. The actress was so pleased with the end product, she ended up buying it.

  • Faye Dunaway

    Actress Faye Dunaway is incredibly glamorous given she's made from junk.

  • Scissor Sisters

    Two members of the Scissor Sisters get a going-over in junk. The band later brought the portrait to hang in one of their homes.

  • Pink

    Pink is another star who ended up purchasing her junk portrait from Mecier - as well as featuring it in her video for Please Don't Leave Me.

  • Kathy Griffin

    Junk works a treat for American actress Kathy Griffin.

  • Anna Nicole Smith

    The late Anna Nicole Smith's portrait features her actual kiss print on a piece of toilet paper glued to the work.

  • Nicolas Cage

    Actor Nicolas Cage looks rather fetching, amassed as he is from various odds and ends.