Stylish mum competition: vote now!


When we opened our stylish mums competition just before mother's day last month, we were overwhelmed by the response. Hundreds of you wrote in with gorgeous photos of your mothers, accompanied by some really lovely and touching captions. This competition is now closed and a winner has been chosen (photo 118, below), but you can peruse all the entries we received here... enjoy!

Simply click on an image to launch the gallery and let us know your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below. Thanks for entering!

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Catherine Beynon

    "My mother has an easy natural style- relaxed, colourful and youthful despite her age." - Deborah Beynon

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Debbie Beynon

    "She has incredible style and seeks out the unusual - giving her a striking, non-conformist, relaxed & chic street-cred!" - Rosie Wort

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Maureen Shepherd

    "Mum has health problems but this picture shows her enjoying life to the full with her family despite them." - Julie Hazell

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jenny Woodward

    "She's like a box of milk tray, stylish, luxurious and just as sweet" - Lee Woodward

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sandy Mitchell

    "Approaching her 68th year, my aspiring and beautiful Mummy always regains her unique and fabulous style. She is the kindest and most wonderful person I know." - Kirsten Mitchell

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jan Morrison

    "Endlessly gracious and elegant with a strong sense of self - my fabulous role model" - Frances Morrison

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jane Patricia Oliver

    "A simple black gown with a dash of embellishment never fails to accentuate her dazzling smile and killer hourglass figure." - Sophie Jane Oliver

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lynne

    "60 and fabulous, sporting her stunning winter look, with a retro print bag from my Edinburgh home 'Leith!" - Rachel Anne Brown

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Shirley Baldock

    "Because she is wearing a LBD in a elegant way whilst having fun (it was a masquerade party)" - Meghan Hughes

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Gillian McNichol

    "Mum's style is Chanel-inspired simple. Resisting temptation to shovel on make up has left her fresh faced and classy." - Amy McNichol

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lindsey Cobbett

    "She knows her style, and dresses to her shape. She looks amazing for her age, not mutton dressed as lamb!" - Hollie Cobbett-Payne

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Rhona Thoms

    "This was from my christening, silver cowl neck knee length beauty. Was the last time my gorgeous, amazing mum felt as pretty as she obviously is!" - Sarah Thoms

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Maggie Wilkinson

    "Cobalt-blue dress? Tick! Neon heels? Check! Floral jacket? Oh yes. SS12 trends, meet your master: my incredibly stylish mother." - Suzie Wilkinson

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Diane Hook

    "My mum's style is simple, elegant and effortlessly chic. I would love for her to win as she's been having a tough time with her house being vandalised & dog dying and so would love to cheer her up!" - Jessica Hook

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Susan Roberts

    "My Mum is the most inspirational woman I know. I think this outfit helps explain one of the reasons why." - Josie Harris

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Margaret Hampshire

    "Navy hat, heels and leather bag combined with the bright turquoise jacket, jaunty hat and kilt-style skirt. Stylish 80s!" - Catherine Hampshire

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Elham Matalka Khammu

    "She designed the dress: Elegant, Glamorous and exuberayting, signifying her personality. At 65, having beaten cancer twice, she still loves life and dresses to impress!" - Mayada Mae Khammu

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Christine Dunn

    "This is a picture of my mum at a wedding in the summer. Despite not always having it easy she is always bright and cheery - always looking for the best in things, and people and I love this bold and bright dress which I think reflects this really well. I also think it's worth mentioning that my mum is 56 (she will kill me for telling anyone!) but I'm proud of how great she looks!" - Stephanie Dunn

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Karen Smith

    "Dresses beautiful and young, also takes alot of advice from me too" - Keiran Smith

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lesley Collins

    "Mum and 18-month-old me - and she looks like a catwalk model! Those boots! That hair!" - Allie Collins

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Miryan Deschamps

    "She looks elegant, sexy and so young in this picture! Super stylish and hot in that red dress! Love her so much" - Marcia Silva

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Denise Britt

    "Mum has an understated style, always classy with beautiful makeup! A true inspriation for her daughters!" - Kimberley Britt

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Elizabeth

    "My wonderful mum is stylish, bubbly, sparkly, full of life, smiles and love and this gorgeous picture shows all of that!" - Natalie Futter

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Barbara Lowe

    "Accessories accessories accessories!! She has great style like no one else but I wish she knew it!" - Sophie Lowe

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Mary Watts

    "Glamorous but relaxed, dress allows for dancing, high heels give her confidence, husband/dad "accessory" makes her shine!" - Bella Watts

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lyn Sangster

    "I can just hear her-'Darling, an outfit isn't an outfit without pearls." - Alexandra Sangster

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Karin

    "My beautiful and successful mum is the mother of 5 children - still she manages to work for protecting our nature and health-systems and to look fantastic every single day ... she's my idol for a million reasons and i love her so much for whom she is. always." - Stefanie

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Christine Walsh

    "We call her super Mum! She is 57, has had quadruplets, is still a size 8 and always looks glamorous!" - Kate Walsh

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Demi

    "My mum is beautiful and always has an air of sophistication about her- she will kill her for saying she's 65 and still favours classic looks and knows her style so well she doesn't follow trends"- Christiana

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Marie Carlin

    "My Mum oozes sophistication and style with a simple colour palate and statement necklace - her beauty always shines through." - Aine Carlin

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Zoe Bartlett

    "Ab fab all over in her Antony Price dress: she is fun, ridiculous, goes out more than her 22 yr old daughter, loves life!" - Grace George

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Erika

    "Never knowingly under-accessorized" my Mum wears in this picture fab shoes, chunky bracelet and Marni for H&M necklaces. Brighton Belle!" - Arabella

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Marie Brand

    "My mum will be 50 this year and still looks as beautiful as she did when was 30. She is all about classic shapes and knows exactly how to flatter her slim hourglass figure" - Sarah Brand

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Eve Pomfret

    "This is Mum in London in the 'Swinging Sixties' - she wasn't a model but is doing a good job here! She's just as 'swinging' now as she was then!"- Becky Pomfret

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jennifer

    "My mother's beauty and style is as effortless as it was 30 years ago." - Kelly

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Hilary Burke

    "Old school simplicity and glamour"- Naomi Burke

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sharon Thorndyke

    "Her style is elegant and classic, and she always has a smile on her face!" - Amy Gonzalez

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Hazel Johnson

    "My mum's dress-sense is simply an extension of her personality. She's young in spirit and this is mirrored in the way she dresses." - Camilla Johnson

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Vikki

    "Taken 0ver 40 years ago when she was a bunny girl, she is as glamorous now was she was then (but she does now wear more clothes!)" - Candy

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Anna Quinn

    "This my mum and Dad when they got married in 1967, in her bowwowed dress that she has customised herself feathers on the wrists and neckline, beautiful" - Lisa O'Brien

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Kathy Pow

    "Hot lips, nails and a beauty spot aged 22 in 1958, Mum's 76 now, but still as stylish as ever!" - Lindsay Stewart

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Kim Bowles

    "Sweet undertones of my mum's lovely floral dress combined with her mischevious statement hat capture my mum's personality in one!" - Elizabeth Bowles

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Barbara OConnor

    "She's always been very classic and knows how to put her outfits together so well!" - Sheila OConnor Macrae

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Diana Blakeman

    "She's gone for a daring combination of lime green and lilac, which shouldn't work but does. She's never been afraid of colour." - Laura Blakeman

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Anita Hoque

    "Mum has always been a yummy mummy; glamorous, timeless with a sense of fun yet elegant and showing who's mum." - Alicia Hoque

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Anne Lympany

    "Her choice of outfit for my race day wedding was stylish and modern and age appropriate." - Emma Gallagher

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Mary McCormack

    "My Mum is 75 and has more style in her little finger than me!! classic, classy and a great smile." - Fiona McCormack

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Francesca Kelleway

    "She is classic elegance, always look perfect and coordinated, even when she is popping to the supermarket! She also matches everything!" - Roseanna Little

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Judy Hajjawi

    "My Mum has to wear surgical stockings permanently due to suffering from a severe blood clot (she will kill me for telling you that!) and yet she always looks wonderful and manages to incorporate them in well with her wardrobe both in hot and cold seasons. Impressive!" - Amanda Hajjawi

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sally Baynes

    "My Mum has matched an elegant dress with a beautiful pashmina, and handbag. She looks stunning for Fifty Nine!" - Natalie Baynes

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Iris Duffin

    "My mum just celebrated her golden wedding anniversary, in the picture of four generations she look as as radiant as 50 years ago." - Carol Allison

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Maria Kenny

    "She is open minded and never stuck in a style rut and dresses up every day." - Faye Kenny

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jeanne Pendrill

    "My mum's style is fun, relaxed and colourful, just like her! She loves to sport a beret too!" - Jacqueline Pendrill

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Elena Ioannou

    "She's glamorous, elegant, stunning and looks so youthful. I'd die to look like that at her age." - Athena Efstathiou

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Antonia

    "Mum's style is classic but fun and this outfit also shows off her fabulous figure." - Fenella

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Cathy Pope

    "My mum's style is boobs boobs boobs as you can see!" - Kat Pope

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Gillian Kemp

    "She's timeless and elegant and effortlessly looks like a lady, even when just relaxing at home." - Abbi Kemp

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jane McDonald

    "Classic and chic my Mum’s natural style keeps her on trend and feminine, always looking elegant - right down to her perfectly polished nails!" - Emily McDonald

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Margaret Chute

    "My Mum always looks stylish wherever she goes; who would guess she was 75 years old in January!" - Mark Chute

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Amanda Whelan

    "My Mother has always shown an extraordinary vintage style from deep within her heart. She epitomizes softness and style." - Corey Whelan

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Maggie Burrows

    "Fun, classically stylish and always a smile on her face and especially at home on the dancefloor." - Wendy Burrows

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Dot

    "Exactly as she is - fun, spirited, on-trend, truly individual and beautiful. And looking younger than me!" - Nat

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Bernadette Grant

    "Mum's always been effortlessly stylish. Unlike me she never over accessories, and she doesn’t need to. The original Carrie Bradshaw!" - Si Grant

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Val Fox

    "At art school mum made all her own clothes--here she is rocking a look I regularly copy! Inspirational!" - Laura Fox Gill

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jean Hulston

    "My mom is such an inspiration, I thin you'll agree that at 76yrs old she looks absolutely amazing!" - Helen Hulston

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Marita Squires

    "Always a lady, elegant and chic. Aged seventy, fun loving and fantastique!" - Julieanne Reilly

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Maria Read

    "She's my hero, always worked very hard for my brothers and I since she divorced from my dad." - maria hofmann

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Vanya Parvanova- Benibo

    "My mum doesn’t follow expensive clothes or fashionable trends, she goes with, but yet has never disappointed anyone with her appearance. This photo really blossoms her true beauty and gives one a peak of the beauty that lies within." - Bella Aghedo

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Louella

    "With a keen eye for fashion and forever Chic, my Mamman makes her own clothes, ensuring she's always unique." - Erin Johnson

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Ann Vine

    "The accessorising skills of my mum know no bounds, she made everything herself, even the deerstalker hat." - Harriet Vine

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Hannah Kanter

    "Our mum is fearless, striking and effortlessly glamorous in fur, just like the tiger she's posing with here at university." - Nina Kanter

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Veronica Palfreyman

    "She always makes the most of her shape, always understated and always fabulous. I'm a very proud daughter!" - Kate Emma Palfreyman

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Ann Collins

    "Unstated elegance, her simple black satin cross back cocoon dress paired with striking black rimmed Prada glasses and patent Mulberry oversized clutch perfectly distinguishes her part English part Italian heritage. Her 60+ years can not be defined due to her choice of subtle silhouettes rather than strong garish prints." - Sophie Collins

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Clare Villenueve

    "Yes an old photo but mum pulls off sci fi geek in such a chic way; Look at that hair!" - Iona Harris

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Mrs Patricia Smith

    "She was best dressed person at my wedding in October! She always looks imaculate & is a real inspiration to me." - Helen Markham

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sabine

    "Classic French tailoring with 20s glamour accents and a dazzling smile: Timeless elegance with a twist." - Elle

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sue Killen

    "Simple, classic and always perfection. Not a hair out of place!" - Harriet Killen

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Heather

    "She is confident, fashionable and strong; She always looks like class epitomised. And would you believe she's 57!" - Sheridan

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Ana Dinu

    "This photo shows her style as well as her playful character! At 53 she is and has always been my icon!" - Simona Dinu

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Tracey Jackson

    "Beautiful inside and out, her classic-with-an-edge style reflects this. Fun and playful, she loves the 1920's flapper look and leopard print. You would not know by looking at my mum but 22 years ago she suffered a major brain haemorrhage and which left her with partial sight and epilepsy as well as dysphasia and dyslexia. She also has a skin graft on one side of her face from a car accident when she was 11. Despite all of this she still manages to keep fit, healthy and stylish. She is my true inspiration" - Zoe

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Daph

    "My Mum is just my Mum and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks!! (she was raising money!)" - Claire

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Snowie Modaberi

    "This picture shows mum’s quirky and fabulous style - combining a black linen dress, a vintage coral neckless and uggs!" - Chloe Modaberi

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Fionne Harrington

    "Not only is my Mummy incredibly stylish she also at the grand age of 56 still knows how to have fun and I think that makes her seem even more special!" - Laura Harrington

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Greta Kearns

    "My mother trained to be a nurse in Yorkshire in the 1950s, returned to Ireland to work but due to Irish laws at the time which forbade married women to work! had to give up her job. She was a fantastic nurse and was on the way to be a Hospital Matron..This shows how far women's rights have come. This picture is my ever stylish mum shortly after she graduated in the 1950s." - Caroline Kearns

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sharon Falconer

    "My mum still turns heads wherever she goes; effortlessly stylish, glamorous and sophisticated, I want to dress like her when I'm a mum." - Rachel Falconer

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sue Morrison

    "Sue's a top lady with individual style. Her canny eye for unique showstoppers ensures I'm ever envious of her subtle elegance." - Olivia Morrison

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Rose Dunne

    "Mum has timeless elegance which still remains today. She is now 76 and is utterly fabulous. She has barely changed, just older with age. I adore her." - Angela White

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Tonia Buxton

    "When we think of Mummy it's always red lips and a flower in her hair." - Antigoni & Sophia Buxton

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Usha

    "She oozes effortless style and stays forever young in mind and in spirit." - Brinda

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Marina

    "Growing up with no access to fashion, my mother reworked gran's old rags and made them modern and her own." - Edita

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Mary Payne

    "She's elegant, classic and also very 'now': check the leopard print accents!" - Vikki Payne

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sue Killen

    "Beautiful inside and out - age 55 my mum decided to do some commercial modelling!" - Samantha Killen

  • Stylish Mums Competition: Barbara Jones

    "Like her, this picture of my gorgeous mums style is timeless, classic, warm and simply elegant." - Louise Kilburn

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Chris Taylor

    "Her beauty radiates through the simplicity of her clothes, she has an effortless cool, even next to my hairy dad." - Holly Taylor

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Catherine Watson

    "Mum was a musician, and her boho/rocker style reflects her carefree attitude. She loves designer vintage and intriguing fabrics." - Anna Goodman-Jones

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lynn Ball

    "My mum's style is so unique, she also chooses interesting pieces and also makes her own clothes. She gives great hand-me-downs too!" - Jessica Ball

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Karen Martell

    "My mum's style can be eccentric at times but she is always looking classy and up to date!" - Evie Martell

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lara

    "My mum opts for simple, edgy and elegant clothing, which is teamed with bold statement jewellery to set her apart!" - Chloe

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Di Adams

    "She is the ultimate mother of the bride: always impossibly stylish & an accessories queen!" - Jennie Hogg

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Mandy Jones

    "The classic, sophisticated style...the simplicity and ease of the outfit. Striking and a beautiful fit. What a stunner!" - Harry Jones

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Frances Verne

    "My mum is a real Lady, with high standards of grammar and manners as well as dress and presentation!" - Felicity Hemmant

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Diane Nixon

    "My mum always looks glamorous whether she's wearing a dress or wellingtons, and has the biggest heart anyone could have." - Alex Nixon

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Bobby Green

    "Mum delights us, she makes bold statements that excite us. For tea, please Stylist invites us!" - Hollie Green

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Katrina Walsh

    "She dresses fashionably but tastefully and is always co ordinated to perfection." - Sorroll Walsh

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Karin Forde

    "This photo epitomizes my mum at her happiest and most radiant , judging by my dads face he felt the same!" - Isobelle Forde

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Debbie Edgar

    "This epitomises how glamourous and gentle she truly is. I'm never without my lipstick now, I learned from the best!" - Harriet Edgar

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Anita Ghaemmaghami

    "My mother has always had a signature style, blending different styles and forms, breaking the rules. She has always been creative." - Leyla Ghaemmaghami

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Debbie

    "Cool, glamorous and never without red lippy, Debbie’s done it all before and I hope to do her justice." - rosie

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Parri

    "She’s always dressed elegantly, even when it’s just a simple train journey to do some shopping." - Nadia

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Isabelita Valenton Sheikh

    "As a 14 year old immigrant from the Philippines, her fashion sense mainly stems from my father, a Pakistani immigrant. Her first job was as a stock room clerk at a major retailer." - Noshin Sheikh

  • Stylist Mum Competitions: Nicole Paddock

    "'A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.' (Coco Chanel) My mum is both - At 47 with 4 children, her long wavy hair, elegant make up and silky champagne dress make her the most beautiful woman I know!" - Abi Parsons

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Celia Green

    "A simple black dress is never simply a black dress, not in my mum's hands!" - Tessa Green

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Cheryl Sandford

    "This picture reflects her quirky, bold style, which she has passed down to me. I love her outfits from the 60s and 70s; just wish she hadn't thrown them all away!" - Karli Drinkwater

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Morag Whitelaw

    "With a vibrant and feminine style, all who know her would agree how lovely and warm a person she is." - Lisa Whitelaw

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Mary Mills

    "You can see I think her style is so great I've copied it! Elegant, understated and fun." - Jen Mills

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Marci Hess

    "Because she is cool and fun." - Sophia Hess

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Anne

    "My mum brought me and my two sisters up as a single parent on a tight budget. At one point, she had three toddlers under 5 to look after! This picture shows her simple, practical yet elegant style. Not to mention the fact she was well ahead of the game with her love of vintage fascinators!" - Colleen

  • Stylish Mum Competition - the winner! Julie Anne Dryden-Hall

    "London Lady, classy, casual,chic, always with her own twist! Accessories of humour, wit, glamour & Leopard print!" - Emma Thorne

    Julie Anne Dryden-Hall has been voted by you as the most stylish mum of all! Congratulations to Julie and her daughter Emma, who win a luxury stay with afternoon tea in London

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sandra McKitterick

    "Be it on trend or not, any outfit my mother touches turns to gold. she is the ultimate fashionista of her own personal style and can rock a print like no other!" - Sarah Leckey

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lorraine Airey

    "For the truly special occasion of my sister's wedding she pulled out all the stops and looked stunning!" - Rachel Airey

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Angelika Novozilova

    "My beautiful mum pulls off a helmet and an airforce jacket - she's got the style in her (: Love! x" - Nika Novozilova

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Katrina Ann Cristofoli

    "My Mum is so so young and a very trendy mum! she is the stylish beauty queen of this century." - Dominique Cristofoli

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Wilhelmina Stewart Roberts

    "My best friend and mentor, my mum always used to tell me "only wear fashion if fashion suits you". At 63 she is still dressing with style, grace and ease and always knows how to turn heads. Thank you for teaching me how to always look good and feel comfortable, I love you very much xxx" - Julie Roberts

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lesley Standing

    "Despite being ill, Mum always looks amazing. I love her to bits." - Joanna Smith

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Lucia Fontes

    "She is classy and full of glamour for a sprightly 82 year old!!!" - Vivienne Petrillo

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jessie Parker

    "81 years of age and still looking gorgeous. Always in her pink M.A.C lipstick, she customises charity shop clothes. Always setting a high standard for the ladies in our the family!" - Emma Fisher

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Liz Halsall

    "My Mummy has always had glamorous and elegant style. This shows her looking relaxed, stylish & effortless." - Olivia Halsall

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Zofia

    "Graceful, charming, sophisticated, here's my mum on my wedding day wearing a bespoke taffeta dress/bolero ensemble she commissioned from a local boutique which also came with matching clutch purse and shoes to her own specification. So gratifying too to have eschewn ready-to-wear and champion local business!" - Fabiola

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Ruby

    "She's always happy, has the greatest eye for fabric and is perhaps the most blinged up African woman in Surrey!" - Nana Agyeman

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Linda North

    "Casual but loves to feel comfortable and doesn’t feel that she needs to follow others." - Craig North

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Eileen Bartlett

    "My mum is always simply but elegantly dressed, and is best accessorised with a cup of tea." - Stacey Bartlett

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Kim Corke

    "Colourful and fun with a hint of cheekiness from that smile that needs no dressing." - Stacey Tansley

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Elizabeth Watt

    "She is 75 but is so young at heart, and dresses with flair" - Karen Railton

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Ellie Bethan

    "She's her own person with her own style, just simply unique." - Emilee Bethan

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Sue Bell

    "She is always on hand to help and advise all the family from the youngest to the oldest." - Hayley Morgan

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Margaret

    "Mum adores Vivienne Westwood, often gets mistaken for her! She knows of trends before they hit the pages of Vogue!" - Jemima

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Jayshree Parmar

    "Whether it's Indian or English clothes, my mother always manages to look stunning- finishing her look of with her signature red lipstick!" - Anica Parmar

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Pam Jenkins

    "Matching shoes and bag - mom looked wonderful on my wedding day. A truly stylish lady in her seventies" - Susie Clayton

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Michele

    "My mum is in her 40's but she is so young at heart, despite having a spinal injury she takes life like a young person" - Kelsey

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Reena Shankar

    "As a child, my mother only had one nice dress, but these days, with a closet full of clothes that spills out of her room, she never forgets to stay grounded, sticking to the style that is accessible, respectable and most flattering for herself - pulling it off with her own self confidence." - Sneha Shankar

  • Stylish Mum Competition: Hazel Britton

    "Bookish, fun, Laura Ashley forever, this image oozes Hazel's style to a T." - Sarah Britton