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Broadcaster and DJ, Edith Bowman has been on air for over a decade hosting a myriad of shows, including Top of the Pops, the afternoon slot on Radio 1 with Colin Murray and also Glastonbury. Here, she chats hide and seek, why she's more of a brie girl than Dairy Milk and her inappropriate dreams about colleagues...

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Edith Bowman hostedThe Van d’OR awards as powered by Ford

1.When was the last time you hid?

Yesterday, I was playing hide and seek. I very regularly play it with my five year old. His favourite spot is behind the curtain, under his desk or his bunk beds. He’s not that great at hiding, it has to be said, but not only is he a bit sh*t at hiding he’s also really noisy. I do like it though because you’re reminded to be childlike which is great.

2. What's in your handbag?

iPad, glasses, phone, and some lipgloss, handcream, chewing gum, pen, my BBC pass. And the best lipbalm ever by Rodial. It’s phenomenal.

3. Do you have any tattoos?

No, but I’ve thought about it for a while. My friend Vicky’s got an amazing one that just says LOVE and it’s done in the most beautiful text and I’ve always wanted to get my boys' names done but I’ve just never got round to doing it. I think I’d have it here [gestures to forearm]. I went with someone to get a tattoo once, it was my old partner in crime Collin Murray. He nearly didn’t get out the taxi to get it done. Once he was in the chair he was fine but it was just the thought of it that put him off. I’ve heard that the ankle is really painful. Although I’d heard it’s really addictive, when Reggie first started he only had a couple and now he’s got full sleeves.

4. Sedan chair: good idea or bad idea?

Bad idea, a) because I’m quite heavy and b) because where would you ever do it where it would feel right? Plus, anything that makes me feel more self-conscious than I already do is a bad idea.

5. What are you most ashamed of?

The amount of Chip Sticks I can get through in a night. I can get through a value pack in one sitting. That’s a lot of crisps. They’re so addictive and I have to stop myself when I’m doing an online shop.

6. Is the world getting better, or worse?

Personally, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. So for me and my tiny little bubble it’s awesome, but I think that the world is in a pretty horrific state, especially at the momet with Syria. Recently, we’ve watched this documentary series called The Hitler Diaries on Channel 4. It’s an amazing documentary. Watching that it puts it into perspective and it didn’t really happen that long ago.

7. Cheese or chocolate?

Oh, that’s hard. Having small people, I’ve developed a sweet tooth. I’d always be a cheese girl after dinner but Kinder Eggs are great. But do you know what? I’ll go for cheese. That with quince. There’s nothing better than at Christmas. We’ve got a really long couch and a couple of years ago there was six of us sitting on the couch watching Downton Abbey and it was someone’s job in every ad break to go get snacks – so I did a cheese boad. Oh my god, it was the best thing ever.

8. What was your finest hour?

I never really think of myself in that light. You know what? Probably winning Comic Relief Fame Academy. And singing with Jools Holland. And we raised sh*t loads of money.

9. What does feminism means to you?

Equality, actually. Women having equal rights to every thing the male population have in all aspects. Whether that’s socially, or within the household or in the workplace. I don’t find it a difficult word but it does have a lot of baggage. There’s still a lot of work to be done in various parts of the world and society. If you look at where a woman’s place was a couple of generations ago, there’s been a huge development and progression. And it’s an important queston to keep bringing up.

10. Which part of your home do you like best?

My Couch. It’s where I do work. It’s where I watch stuff, it’s where I snuggle my kids. It’s where I watch telly and listen to music. I pretty much live on it. All I really need it just my couch and some tarpaulin.

11. What’s guaranteed to make you cry?

I’m a right wuss. When you have kids your threshold to control it diminishes. Any Richard Curtis film will bring me to tears. When Emma Thompson plays Joni Mitchell in Love Actually. Holy Sh*t. I think anything that’s mostly to do with bits to do with music, I'll bawl my eyes out. I think music for me is an emotional tap. And it can trigger me, in a good way though.

12. What do you dream about at night?

I have such a deep sleep though I can’t remember my dreams. When I was a kid I used to have a recurring dream which involved me falling into a swimming pool and not being able to get back up. Not drowning as such but constantly trying to get back up again. But I’ve not had that for years, touch wood. Although, once I did have a really inappropriate dream about Chappers [former Radio 1 colleague]. I couldn’t look at him for days.

13. Complete the sentence: Britain needs more...

Sunshine. This summer’s been brilliant. I just think that it lifts people. Although it does bring out the crazies. But it needs more sunshine. Or just more Olympics. Because there is nothing like the atmosphere. I hope everyone gets behind the Commonwealth Games next year. I think big events like that - that pride is unifying. And we’ve got a lot of good things to shout about.

14. Are you a lover or a fighter?

I’m a fighter for love. I guess it’s just that thing of standing up for what you believe in and what and who you love. And any opportunity to avoid people fighting about things the better, really.

15. Have you left the gas on?

When you have kids, you do worry about that stuff and it messes with your head. I left the sugar bowl in the fridge once. I had a friend who had a notice up on his front door that said ‘keys, wallet, gas’ to remind you. It’s a really good idea.

16. What question would you like to ask Stylist readers?

What’s your favourite word? Mine’s nunchuck.


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