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Working from Home with Stylist podcast: Emily Atack talks about lockdown and Dr Matt rids us of our WFH aches

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This week’s episode of Working from Home with Stylist is available to download and listen to now. 

Week four of Stylist’s podcast – Working from Home with Stylist – is here and this week the team are talking about those annoying WFH aches and pains we’re all having (and how to tackle them), and the reality of lockdown when you’re on your own. Editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski and editor-at-large Alix Walker are joined by actress Emily Atack, presenter Vick Hope and Dr Matt Rabin.

Where better to start than with Emily Atack, who has been sharing her lockdown journey with millions of her fans on social media. But isolating alone is by no means an easy task. She spoke to Lisa about what a typical day looks like for her now. 

“I’m unapologetically being myself,” the actress said. Now that’s a statement we can get onboard with. 

“I’m quite honest…I’d love to say it’s getting up early, putting work out gear on and going out for a run…I haven’t exercised once in this lockdown. Not even once. 

“I get up, I naturally wake up about 8.30-9 (9.30…?) and make a coffee - alright, actually it’s apple juice. I put the TV on and check in with my sister. She’s my agent. I’ve got an amazing management team and we ‘touch base’ and talk about my diary for the day. And then I sit and watch This Morning until midday. Then I get ready for the day.”

Atack explained she was trying to get ready – showered, dressed, hair done – earlier in the day, now, because she found it hard to be motivated wearing her pyjamas at midday.

Scroll down to listen to the podcast and hear Emily discuss how she’s getting to grips with the ‘new normal’ and when she lets herself have a drink - vodka and slimline tonic, nice - in lockdown.  

Also in the podcast this week, Vick Hope ranks kitchen disco songs and Dr Matt Rabin gives us some much-needed advice on how to treat the new aches and pains we all feel working from home. 

And this week, Stylist’s deputy digital editor Jaz Kopotsha recommends the best podcasts to listen to in isolation.

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Episode four: our recommendations

Here you can find the links to all the content we discuss in this week’s podcast. 

Dr Matt Rabin talks about the best back exercises for people working from a desk all day, find out more about Dr Rabin here

Emily Atack talks about loneliness and recommends Claire Chamberlain’s Unlonely

Vick Hope ranks her favourite kitchen disco songs. 

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Felicity Thistlethwaite

Felicity Thistlethwaite is the executive editor digital at Stylist.