Stylist’s new podcast: “Nobody Told Me… I’d be divorced before 30”

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This week on Nobody Told Me… we are joined by Jemima Forrester who discusses the breakdown of her marriage. 

Jemima Forrester met her now ex-husband when she was 16 years old. They were together for years and followed the traditional path many relationships take: moving in together, getting married. “I never once questioned that we would end up together forever”, she tells Nobody Told Me… listeners in episode two of Stylist’s new podcast series. 

So when her marriage ended, and she was divorced before the age of the 30, it came as quite a shock. In this episode, Jemima shares how her relationship fell apart in a raw and emotional interview. While a high proportion of marriages in the UK end in divorce, it isn’t often discussed openly which, Jemima reveals, can add to feelings of loneliness for those going through the process. When her relationship broke down, she struggled to find accounts of others getting divorced at a similar age, and speaks of the utter fear she had of starting afresh when she felt her friends were at very different life stages.  

“I was so afraid of people’s judgement and sympathy”, she says, reflecting on the weeks following her separation. “I worried about what people would think more than I worried about what was the right thing to do for me.”

Although she suffered periods of anxiety, Jemima now recognises the positives that came from the experience. “I came out of it scarred but stronger,” she says. 

Listen to episode two now: Nobody Told Me… I’d Be Divorced Before 30 with Jemima Forrester. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Acast. Subscribe for a new episode every Wednesday.

Nobody Told Me is Stylist’s new podcast and shares stories of real women who have experienced life’s toughest challenges and the lessons they learned along the way. Click here to listen to the first episode with Candice Brathwaite.

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