Suranne Jones brilliantly nails the reality of adjusting to pandemic life

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Jones appeared on Gaby Roslin’s podcast where she opened up about her experience with anxiety and how it peaked as she struggled to adjust to normal life.

Uncertainty can be a scary thing – and in the age of Covid-19, it’s something we’re all forced to confront.

The unpredictability caused by the pandemic has resulted in a new normal that we’re all learning to navigate and it can be particularly hard for those dealing with anxiety.

In 2021, research carried out by mental health charity Mind found that 55% of adults and young people were worried about seeing and being near others once lockdown restrictions were fully relaxed.

While some were excited to get back out into the world, anxiety for others remained – something actor Suranne Jones has recently discussed.

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The Vigil star appeared on Gaby Roslin’s podcast where she opened up about her experience with anxiety and how it peaked as she struggled to adjust to ‘normal life’ once restrictions eased.

“We’ve all had such a crazy two years that I’m really pleased that I’m starting to see some friends and going to the theatre because I was a bit nervous about it, to be honest,” she said.

“I suffer with anxiety anyway. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. When you are on set… and this still applies, the restrictions are still really in place.

“Even when people were coming out of the restrictions, I was still in this bubble where everyone was still wearing masks and we were being very cautious and people were still giving each other space. We were in a strict three-day week Covid testing regime.”

Jones said that while working, she was used to these strict Covid measures, and adjusting to the real world where the rules weren’t as tough caused her anxiety to spike.

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“A few weeks ago I finished filming Gentleman Jack, [and] it made me anxious to see everyone wandering around without masks on. I didn’t know how to fit in.”

“It is quite scary. All my jobs got concertinaed into one because of Covid and my dad passing and lots of things that had gone on. 

“So I was just away, I was in Scotland, in Yorkshire and even coming back and taking my son to school, or driving my car or getting everyone ready to get out the house.. those kind of things made me really anxious because I was suddenly back in the real world.

“This job is wonderful and I am very privileged to do it but you are very absent from your life when you take on big roles like I do.”

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In the podcast, the actor also shared that she is taking a break from work and discussed the importance of setting boundaries and saying ‘no thank you’.

“I have done three jobs back to back. It is hard to stay with the excitement,” she said. “But then when I come out of it and I have my life back I can see it’s really good work.

“I get excited about going to the supermarket equally because I haven’t done it for a while. I’m like what are we having for tea?

“At the moment I am doing a no thank you policy. Which feels great. Any offers which have come in I am just saying no thanks I am being with my family.”

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