Susan Sarandon clears up rumours of feuding with co-stars

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Liam and Noel, Charles and Diana, Kanye and Taylor … Donald Trump and many famous women. Celebrity feuds are the stuff of tabloid dreams but certain sections of the media insist on peddling the myth they’re more likely to occur between two women.

Susan Sarandon is just one female star who regularly has to clear up fake rumours of disagreements with her fellow female actors.

She was facing it in 1998 when she starred alongside Julia Roberts in Stepmom and almost 20 years on, the most common question put to the Oscar winner is whether she gets along with current co-star Jessica Lange.

Are male actors asked similarly groundless, petty, leading questions with such regularity? It’s doubtful.

Sarandon wasn't feuding with Roberts almost two decades ago and it’s a rumour she’s only now managed to clear up in a Twitter discussion with fans.

She revealed her own rep at the time had been stirring up a false image of the two women:

In the same tweet, she linked to a 1998 article in which she and Roberts were interviewed together.

"If you make a movie with a male star everyone assumes you’re f***ing. If it’s a female star, everyone assumes you’re fighting," Sarandon told Entertainment Weekly at the time.

It’s also worth noting Roberts’ gloriously dry dismissal, as she adds: “Actually, Susan and I were kinda hoping that people would say we were f***ing. Now that’s delicious cocktail-party fodder. But this? Boring.”

Yes Julia, and it’s still boring almost two decades on.

The pair are actually close friends who have even holidayed abroad together. The knew each other before starring in the dramedy that saw Sarandon as a dying divorcee trying to rub along with her ex’s new, younger girlfriend (Roberts).

While Sarandon may not have firsthand experience of feuding with another woman at work, the 70-year-old is currently portraying one of the bitterest working relationships in Hollywood history: the beef between Golden Age legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Sarandon stars as Davis, while Lange, 67, is playing Crawford in Feud, an eight-part FX TV series. The show focuses on the pair’s infamously tense relationship during the 1962 filming of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

During a live Q&A session with Feud fans, Sarandon tweeted:

There was no Twitter to lay rumours to rest in 1998 – let’s hope that sneaky, cynical PR tactics have moved on since then, even if certain tabloid agendas haven’t.

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