Susanna Reid leaves Piers Morgan a silent, sullen wreck after sensational TV takedown

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Kayleigh Dray
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Piers Morgan. We hate to acknowledge his existence, but the professional troll seeps into our lives like a noxious gas through the crack under a closed and locked door. He’s got a platform on live TV, he’s all over Twitter and he has his own newspaper column, which means that he’s able to inflict his views upon the masses in a very big way – and, annoyingly, he often goes unchecked.

However, there is one person whose opinion he seems to value – and, no, we’re not talking about President Donald Trump (although Morgan is, of course, a famously big fan of the misogynist politician). No, we’re talking about his weary Good Morning Britain co-host, Susanna Reid, who is often spotted sitting alongside her oafish colleague with a pained trying-not-to-scream expression on her face.

Occasionally, however, her superhuman fortitude falters and Reid furiously rounds on Morgan, calling him out on his vitriolic bulls**t. She’s usually had a good reason, too, whether it be to defend older mums from his ageist twaddle, shut down his body-shaming opinions or annihilate his laughable sexist arguments.

But our favourite moment by far came during yesterday’s show (28 June) – because Morgan absolutely did not see her attack coming.

It all kicks off innocently enough, with Morgan revealing that he absolutely can’t stand people talking about politics on Facebook.

“I’ve had to unfriend family members,” he explains. “I need some respite.”

Cue Reid hooking an eyebrow at him, and seizing the moment to finally say what she – and the rest of the world – has always wanted to.

“Yeah,” she smiles, seemingly in agreement with Morgan’s statement. “When someone just keeps going on, and on, and on, and you just need respite, and a break, and you just wish you could defriend them.”

The camera operator, in a stroke of genius, zooms in on Morgan’s bewildered face, perfectly capturing the moment that he realised his co-host was talking about him.

Reid, feigning exhaustion, continues: “But you’re just forced, every day, to listen to their views.

“I know exactly how you feel.”

And then, denying Morgan any chance to fight back, she then shoots a bright smile at the camera and begins reading the latest news headlines.

Unsurprisingly, many on Twitter had something to say about the scene.

And don’t worry, whoever was behind the camera got their share of the praise, too:

Keep at it, Reid.

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