Table manners podacst: Aisling Bea.

Table Manners: Aisling Bea on why we find it so hard to leave a party is embarrassingly relatable

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Table Manners with Jessie Ware is back for season nine, and comedian Aisling Bea was her guest on episode one. Here’s what happened during their hilarious and relatable chat. 

Ah, how we have missed Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast. There’s nothing more comforting or hilarious than listening in to people chatting around the dinner table while tucking into a superb-sounding homemade meal. It really is the best podcast for foodies out there

To kick off season nine of the Table Manners series, Aisling Bea joined Ware and her mum. Naturally, it was a funny and frank episode, which saw Bea talk about comfort food, the best spots to eat in London and LA, and the steps we can all take to help battle climate change.

But there was one story in particular what had us in stitches. Bea admitted the real reason why we find it so hard to leave a party, and it is painfully relatable.

Bea recalled being at an event with free cocktails for the Baftas: “I get carried away by fun. I hate being left out of a potential anecdote. I tend to stay three hours longer than one should.

“You know when there’s that thing of ‘leave when the party’s going well?’ I leave at the end when someone’s like ‘sorry we just have homes to go to’.”

“So it’s over, like nothing else is going to happen. But then I’m what if in the last dregs of the night there’s a potential laugh and I can get involved in the anecdote?

“So there were a lot of friends there, and I found it very hard to leave.”

Anyone who’s ever overstayed their welcome at a party because of FOMO, despite knowing the night is very much over, will relate to Bea’s words (that’s most of us, right?). 

Tables Manners with Jessie Ware cookbook.
Tables Manners with Jessie Ware is back, and she has a new cookbook.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve fallen in love with Bea thanks to her down-to-earth humour. Speaking at Stylist Live LUXE last year, she talked about what it was like getting a breakthrough part in a big Netflix show like Living With Myself.

“Paul Rudd is clearly a star and quite expensive; and I’d say they had £48 left to cast me. I’m [basically] free,” she joked. 

“I still can’t believe I’m in it. And that’s not me being self-deprecating. Other people go, ‘I can’t believe you’re in it’. So, it’s backed up by them. Even my brother-in-law is like, ‘I keep hearing your voice in the show – like, there’s Aisling’. I still can’t believe it. I see my face on Netflix and think ‘Ah, c’mon now’.”

Listen to Table Manners with Aisling Bea below

We want more servings of both Table Manners and Aisling Bea, please. 

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